Elfman Strauss vs. Gajeel Redfox is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Elfman Strauss and Phantom Lord S-Class Mage Gajeel Redfox.


Fairy Tail attacks

Fairy Tail attacks Phantom Lord

Gajeel's assault on Shadow Gear enraged Makarov Dreyar and the rest of Fairy Tail enough for them to come all the way to the Phantom Lord Guild in retaliation for the damages Phantom Lord caused. The front lines were led by Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, Cana Alberona and a few others.[1]

Makarov left most of the fighting to the rest of Fairy Tail and went after Phantom Lord Guild Master, Jose Porla, whom he assumed was on the top floor.[2]


Iron Dragon Gajeel

Gajeel joins the fight

After Makarov's departure, Gajeel shows himself to Fairy Tail. In response, Nab Lasaro comes in for a punch at Gajeel, but he easily shoots him down along with a few of his own guildmates with Iron Dragon's Club.[3] Elfman jumps in towards Gajeel, using his Take Over Magic to switch his Beast Arm into Beast Arm: Stone Bull and punches Gajeel who manages to block it with his Iron Dragon's Club.[4]

Gajeel vs. Elfman

Elfman dodges Gajeel's attack

Gajeel's arms and legs then elongate to what seems like a long iron rod and attempts to strike Elfman, who dodges the first strike and blocks the second. The Iron Dragon Slayer acknowledges Elfman as "not bad" and Elfman replies that a man must be strong. Afterwards, Gajeel makes numerous smaller and thinner iron rods out of his iron leg and they hit the other members of Phantom Lord. This atrocious act of Gajeel distracts Elfman enough that Gajeel manages to land a punch on his face using his ironed arm. Elfman is thrown back and suddenly Natsu jumps on Elfman in mid-air and launches himself to Gajeel, managing to hurl him backward. Natsu tells Elfman that he'll take over the fight. Elfman tells him that he can't interrupt a battle between men, but he lets Natsu fight Gajeel anyway.[5]


The battle between Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox starts. A few moments in the middle of the battle, the Phantom Lord Guild starts to shake. The members of Phantom Lord tremble with fear while the members of Fairy Tail acknowledge the rumbling as Makarov's fury, or rather, The Giant's Wrath. They declare that as long as they have their Master, they cannot lose.[6]


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