Elfman Strauss vs. Freed Justine is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Elfman Strauss and Freed Justine.


Cana's Magic reflected

Cana's Magic reflected back at her

As Mirajane and Elfman Strauss are walking next to the river, they notice a fight going on on top of the bridge. Freed Justine asks Cana Alberona if she doesn't even understand the basics, no matter how strong your attacks are, if they don't hit your opponent, it won't work. Cana uses Magic Card: Heaven, Reverse Death and Mountain Cards: Summoned Lightning and Freed uses Dark Écriture: Reflect to send it back at her.[1]

Cana falls, breaking through the bridge, screaming in pain. Mirajane and Elfman are surprised to see her, and Freed, from the bridge, says that Cana is a tough one and that that was to be expected of a veteran of the guild.
Runes being written on Cana's forehead

Runes being written on Cana's forehead

Cana gets up, with tears in her eyes, and screams at Freed to take back what he said about Juvia being a child of Phantom this instant. Freed writes something with his runes on Cana's forehead, she screams in pain until she falls, defeated.[1] Mirajane and Elfman are shocked of what just happened and Elfman runs towards Freed. Freed tells him that he has no right to join the games once against since he had already been defeated by Evergreen. Elfman ignores him and keeps going.[2]



Elfman attacked by Dark Écriture: Pain

Freed writes runes on Elfman's chest and Elfman asks him what did he just do. Freed says that a piece that has lost is forbidden from returning to the games and the punishment for those who break the rules is worse than death. Freed uses Dark Écriture: Pain and Elfman says that his whole body feels weird. Freed explains that his Magic will make those characters in his chest, become his reality and his senses. Elfman starts screaming in pain, and Mirajane tells Freed to stop and that Elfman can't fight anymore. Freed ignores her and attacks Elfman with Dark Écriture: Fear and Dark Écriture: Suffering.[1][3]

Mira's fury anime

Mirajane's powers return

Mirajane begs Freed to stop once again and says that she'll do whatever he wants and to just stop this. Freed attacks Elfman with a barrage of Dark Écriture: Pain until Elfman starts bleeding from all over his body. Mirajane screams and Freed gets ready to use Dark Écriture: Death. Mirajanes thinks of death and remembers her little sister, Lisanna Strauss, and how she "died" by the hands of Elfman while he was in Beast Soul. Mirajane releases a strong surge of Magic Power that makes Freed stop and turn around to see the return of Mirajane "The Demon".[1][4]


Mira vs. Freed

Mirajane fights Freed

Mirajane's powers return to her and with her S-Class level Magic, she fights Freed to save her brother.[5]


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