Elfman Strauss vs. Evergreen is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Elfman Strauss and Evergreen.


Mirajane, Erza, Cana, Juvia, Levy, and Bisca turned to stone

Miss Fairy Tail contestants turned to stone by Evergreen

During the Miss Fairy Tail Contest, Evergreen interrupts the contest stating that it is boring and that she is the winner. Lucy Heartfilia tells her that she is messing with her rent money, Evergreen turns her to stone and burns the stage curtain to reveal that she has turned all the contestants to stone. Then, Laxus along with Freed and Bickslow arrive and state that Fairy Tail was going to participate in a contest to decide who was the strongest in Fairy Tail.[1]

Elfman is running around town looking for the Thunder God Tribe. He finds Evergreen and rushes towards her while screaming that if she is a man then she shouldn't take hostages and to return his sister and the others back to normal.[2]


Evergreen fighting Elfman

Evergreen attacks Elfman with her fan

Evergreen says that she is not a man, lifts her glasses and uses Stone Eyes. Elfman closes his eyes and looks down to avoid Evergreen's Magic, but Evergreen attacks him with her fan and blows him into a flower shop. Evergreen mentions that she loves flowers and that they suit her. Elfman uses Take Over: Beast Soul and Evergreen says that the only thing cute about him is his name. Elfman, now blindfolded, tells Evergreen to return his sister. Evergreen asks if he really thinks he can defeat her blindfolded.[3]

Eve Fairy Bomb gremlin

Elfman hit by Fairy Bomb: Gremlin

Elfman attacks Evergreen with a punch, but she dodges it. Elfman attacks Evergreen again, and she dodges it while saying that Elfman is using the incredible sense of smell that comes with Beast Soul. Evergreen says that it's too bad though, since he is already caught inside her Fairy Dust and she uses Fairy Bomb: Gremlin. Elfman falls to the ground and Evergreen says that she likes statues because even the most disgusting monster turns beautiful when turned to stone. Evergreen tells Elfman to look at her and to give up his body to beauty, turning him into stone.[4]


Laxus physics projection

Laxus' Thought Projection

Makarov, Natsu and Happy see the status of the battle of Fairy Tail in Freed's runes, and they see that Elfman has been defeated. Laxus' Thought Projection appears and tells Makarov to surrender since there is nobody left to stand up to the Thunder God Tribe. Happy says that there is still Gray and Laxus tells them not to put too much faith in him. Meanwhile Gray is fighting Bickslow.[5][6]


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