Elfman Strauss & Lisanna Strauss vs. Ajeel Raml is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Elfman Strauss, Fairy Tail Mage Lisanna Strauss and Spriggan 12 Ajeel Raml.


Zeref and the Twelve occupying the guild

The Spriggan 12 reunited

August calls the Spriggan 12 and all of Alvarez's forces to the newly relocated Fairy Tail guild hall. There, Ajeel proudly declares that Fairy Tail will never be able to reach the guild hall and Mavis as long as he is there protecting it. Spriggan 12 member, Jacob Lessio then reminds Ajeel of his defeat earlier, which Ajeel angrily replies that Jacob was also defeated, however he then says that their defeats won't be repeated.[1] With that, they all stand behind their emperor awaiting the resistance to come for them in order to retrieve Fairy Heart.[2]


While a newly arrived Gildarts battles God Serena's Historia, Ajeel makes his move by casting Sand World to blind his enemies. Elfman nullifies it using Beast Soul: Sand Beast. This brings Ajeel to use Ant Lion Pit, which traps Elfman until Lisanna arrives to help him escape.[3] Ajeel then ends up facing the two personally.[4] He is able to easily overwhelm and overpower the two, but Elfman still swears to protect his sister.[5] However, after a very decisive battle between them, Ajeel is defeated by the two siblings after Universe One is dispelled due to Irene's death.[6]


As Ajeel lies on the ground defeated, his grandfather Yajeel appears and begs the two not to kill his grandson, believing that both sides have lost so much in the war. Elfman points out that this happens in all wars as Lisanna adds that Ajeel is not used to this since he has won all the wars he's been in. Yajeel then pleads with the siblings asking to take his life instead of Ajeel's, angering him. Lisanna and Elfman tell them that they do not kill the enemies that they have defeated and reveal they are brother and sister, which Ajeel then states that they look nothing alike.[7]


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