Elfman Strauss, Macao Conbolt & Wakaba Mine vs. Daphne's Lizardmen is an anime-exclusive fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Elfman Strauss, Macao Conbolt and Wakaba Mine, and the Dark Mage Daphne's Lizardmen.


Elfman attacks Gray

Elfman attacks Gray

Riding a Magic Four Wheel Vehicle, Macao and Wakaba arrive at the location of Daphne's inn. Elfman knocks Gray unconscious while Macao and Wakaba inform Erza that when Makarov heard about Daphne, he ordered them to capture Gray and take him back to the guild in order to ask him how to stop the Dragonoid.[1]

Erza vs. Lizardman

Erza fighting the Lizardman

After the Dragonoid flies off towards Magnolia, Erza orders everyone to head back to the guild and mobilize everyone while she stops the Dragonoid. Happy and Carla use their Aera and carry Lucy and Wendy with them while Erza, riding on top of the Magic Four Wheel Vehicle, follows them. Erza tells the others to take care of Gray and promises to take care of Natsu in return. Erza then jumps off the car and begins to fight with Daphne's Lizardmen.[1]

While driving back to Magnolia, Macao spots something blocking his path which is revealed to be a Lizardman. The Lizardman destroys the Magic Four Wheel Vehicle. Noticing that there are two more Lizardmen, the three ready themselves to fight.[1]


Wakaba defeated

Wakaba defeated by Lizardmen

Elfman headbutts his opponent Lizardman but finds that it has a hard head. Elfman then uses his Beast Arm: Iron Bull but the Lizardman mimics him and their attacks collides. Meanwhile, Wakaba uses his Smoke Crush to attack his opponent but finds that it's a Smoke Fake that is similar to his Magic. Macao is distracted when he hears Wakaba fall after being attacked by multiple Lizardmen. The Lizardman then attacks Macao with Purple Flare.[1]

Macao vs. Lizardman

Macao fighting the Lizardmen

Elfman continues to battle his opponent but finds it difficult to defeat him. Macao's opponent then uses Purple Flare to try and grab Gray but Macao is able to grab him first. Macao collapses due to Gray's weight and finds himself being attacked by the Lizardman. Macao uses his Purple Flare to defend himself but fails to keep up his Magic Power and is overpowered. Elfman then uses his body as a shield against the Lizardman's attack. Elfman uses his Beast Soul and is mimicked by his opponent.[1]


Mirajane's promise

Mirajane promises to save Natsu

Elfman manages to defeat the Lizardmen and returns to the guild with his injured and unconscious comrades. Cana welcomes them and tells somebody to take care of Macao and Wakaba. Elfman then faces Mirajane and tells her to save Natsu. Mirajane promises and Elfman collapses due to exhaustion.[1]


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