Elfman (エルフマン Erufuman) is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild. He is the Edolas counterpart of Elfman Strauss.


Elfman is a tall and muscular man. He trims his hair in a bowl cut style and wears a mauve-colored tank top and white pants. He has a stitched scar on the right side of his face just below his right eye.[1]


Elfman is rather weak and quite sensitive; when Jet and Droy lecture him about becoming stronger, he cries over how weak he is.[2] Lisanna often speaks up for him, telling others to leave him alone.[3]


Edolas arc

Back to lecturing Elfman

Elfman being lectured

Elfman is first seen crying while being told off by Droy and Jet for failing a mission.[2] He is later defended by Lisanna, who tells Droy and Jet to stop bullying her brother.[3] He stands scared with the rest of the guild when they heard that the Fairy Hunter was coming.[4] After the guild moves, Natsu Dragneel explains how he, Happy, Carla, and Wendy Marvell are looking for their guild, Elfman explains with the rest of his guild that Magic in their world are limited and about the King's decree. When Natsu asks for directions to the capital, Elfman tries to discourage them with the rest of his guild to no avail.[5]

Edolas Elfman bids goodbye to Lisanna

Elfman bids goodbye to Lisanna

He is later seen battling the Royal Army with the rest of Edolas Fairy Tail in order to defend their Earth Land counterparts.[6] When the battle is over and all the Magic Power is being sucked into the Anima to return to Earth Land and it starts to take Lisanna with it, he and Mirajane tell her that they are already aware that she was not their Lisanna. He tells her that they knew but could never tell her and apologizes for that. Elfman is last seen standing beside his sister as Lisanna is pulled into the Anima, finally returning to Earth Land.[7][8]

Former Magic and Abilities

Magic Battle Hammer: He uses a giant Magic Hammer in battle.

Battles & Events


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