Element 4 (エルメント フォー, Erumento Fō) was a team that belonged to Phantom Lord. It's members served as antagonists in the Phantom Lord arc


The Phantom Lord Guild's S-Class Mages, the Element 4, played a huge role in the Fairy Tail vs. Phantom Lord war which took place in the Phantom Lord arc. Element 4 was a well known team consisting of four S-Class Mage using four different elements of magic namely Air, Water, Earth and Fire[1][2][3][4]. Together, through the use of Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II, they could perform Abyss Break a very destructive spell.[5] They were well know throughout the continent, even Simon in the Tower of Heaven knew Juvia as an Element 4 member.[6] After the Fairy Tail Guild won the war, Phantom Lord was disbanded and the Element 4 disbanded as well.[7]



All the members present in Element 4 were S-Class Mages, and possessed great strength. They were able to, for the most part, hold the upper hand in battles with Mages of Natsu Dragneel's,[8][9] Lucy Heartfilia's[10], Gray Fullbuster's, and Elfman Strauss's caliber.[11]

  • Aria, is a very skilled user of Airspace Magic who was able to sneak behind Makarov and empty all his Magic Power in just seconds[12]. He was also powerful enough to completely overwhelm Natsu Dragneel.[13].
  • Juvia Lockser is a very skilled Water Magic Mage [14], who has a body made of water that renders all physical attacks as well as some Magical attacks useless.[15]. Her Magic's power is greatly amplified when she is an emotional state (for example, extreme anger), to the point where she could hold the upper hand in battle against Meredy, one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory.[16]
  • Totomaru, is a very skilled user of Rainbow Fire Magic could match to Salamander's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. He has Pyrokinesis a fearful ability, having the effect of controlling his opponents' Fire and could control Natsu's flames initially.[17]
  • Sol, is a very skilled user of Earth Magic[18] and Sand Magic[19]. He also has a unique body structure capable of twisting and stretching in unnatural manners at will.[20]. One of his spells, Merci la Vie, can cause great suffering through the use of his opponents bad memories. He used the spell against Elfman to show him images of his dead sister.[21].


Retrieve Lucy Heartfilia

Element 4 was assigned to kidnap Lucy Heartfilia and bring her to Jude Heartfilia.


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