Eisenwald Takes Oshibana Town's Station Hostage is an event that takes place during the Lullaby arc.


Natsu vs. Kageyama

Natsu vs. Kageyama on the Train

While searching for the Eisenwald Guild, the team gets off the train at Onibus Station, soon realizing that they had left the motion sickened Natsu knocked out on the train.They immediately jump to action looking for a way to stop the train, realizing that its impossible from the station, the team grabs a Magic Four Wheeler and speeds after the train. Elsewhere on the train, a strange man appears in front of Natsu and begins talking to him. Soon after announcing that he is a member of a Dark Guild, he starts attacking Natsu. Natsu, suffering from motion sickness, is powerless and cant stop Kageyama's attacks, until the train takes an unexpected emergency stop. Natsu realizing that the train had stopped, regains his strength starts attacking Kageyama, sending him flying backwards.[1]

Magic four-wheeler

Magic Four-Wheeler

He then jumps from the train just before it starts to move again, crashing right into the Magic Four Wheeler. Stopping immediately, the team begins questioning Natsu what had occurred on the train. After listening to what he had to say, Erza realizes that Natsu must have encountered a Mage from the Eisenwald Guild. Elsewhere on the train, the Eisenwald Guild begins emptying the train of all passengers and heads towards Oshibana Town's Station.[2]

Oshibana Station Taken Hostage

Team Natsu encounter the Mages from Eisenwald

Team Natsu encounter the Mages from Eisenwald

Upon derailing at the station, the guild proceeds to take control of it. Elsewhere, Team Natsu arrives in Oshibana Town, wondering what the commotion around Oshibana Station is about. Proceeding inside, the team sees much destruction in addition to seeing several Fiore guards defeated, confirming that Eisenwald must be responsible. Moving forward, the team eventually reaches a platform where they meet the members of the Eisenwald Guild.[3]

Oshibana Station wrapped in Erigor's wind

Oshibana Station wrapped in Erigor's Wind

After a small conversation with Eisenwald, Erigor leaves and goes off to play Lullaby, causing the team to then split up. Erza and Lucy stay and fight the guild members while Natsu and Gray go after Erigor. Erza quickly defeats the guild members with ease, then goes outside to warn the town's people that they were in danger and they needed to begin evacuating the area as fast away as possible. Moments after that announcement, Erigor envelops Oshibana Station in his Magic Wind Wall, trapping the Fairy Tail members inside.[4]


Eventually, Team Natsu defeats the other Eisenwald Guild members and escapes from the wind vortex with the help of Virgo, Lucy's newest Celestial Spirit. Upon escaping, Natsu and Happy chase after Erigor ahead of the rest of the team. Along with an injured Kageyama, the team goes after Natsu to finally put an end to the evil plan.[5]


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