The Eisenwald Chicken is an unnamed member of the Dark Guild Eisenwald, prior to it disbanding.


The Eisenwald Chicken is a big humanoid with yellow skin and red hair and beard. He has beady eyes, a triangular mouth and no apparent nose and ears. He wears blue overalls with two lighter colored pockets in the rear and a pair of red shoes for footwear.


The Eisenwald Chicken is a "man" of few words. He is also quite heartless as he is willing to kill someone in order to feed himself. He also prefers to eat meat as he often utters the word whenever he speaks.[1]


Daybreak arc

Gray dodges

The Eisenwald member fighting Gray

While traveling, the Eisenwald Chicken and his team run into a group of Fairy Tail Mages. Famished, Snarl uses his Sand Magic to cause a diversion and capture the cat, Happy. The group then prepares to cook him but is defeated by the Fairy Tail Mages before they can start, with the Eisenwald Chicken being defeated by Gray Fullbuster. The team is then captured and tied up to a tree and try to tell the Fairy Tail Mages something about Lullaby. However, the team is suddenly snatched by a shadow and disappears. Later, they are seen hanging from the ceiling at Eisenwald's Guild.[1]

Loke arc

He later watches Team Natsu perform on Frederick and Yanderica in Onibus Town.[2]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Bora, Boze and Sue watching the Fantasia Parade

The Eisenwald Chicken enjoying the Fantasia Parade

He later travels to Magnolia and watches the Fantasia Parade with Bora, Sue and Boze.[3]

Grand Magic Games arc

After the Dragons come out from the Eclipse Gate, the Eisenwald Chicken, along with other Mages, fuse their Magic Powers, form a ball of Magic Power and fire it towards the Dark Dragon, but to no avail as the Dragon just bounces it off and sends the whole group flying with a powerful stomp.[4] Recovering from the attack, the Eisenwald Chicken, along with Bora, Sue and the Fortune Teller, watched helplessly as Levia towers over them in the midst of Dragon rampage all over the city.[5]

Magic and Abilities

Chicken using his staff

The Eisenwald Chicken using his staff

Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō): The Eisenwald Chicken employs Fire Magic, allowing him to create and manipulate fire to a certain degree.[1]


Staff: The Eisenwald Chicken uses a simple wooden staff as an instrument when using Fire Magic.[1]

Battles & Events


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