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Eisenwald (鉄の森(アイゼンヴァルト) Aizenvaruto) was a Dark Guild that specialized in assassinations.

Location and Building

The guild is located somewhere in or near Oshibana Town. The guild's building is a moderately sized building made of stone surrounded by a forest of dead trees. The only portion of the guild's interior shown was a long corridor with some paintings on the wall.[1]


Eisenwald's top members

As the Magic Council prohibits Mages from taking assassination requests, the guild is ousted from the Mage Guild League six years prior to X784 and was categorized as a Dark Guild. Later, Eisenwald's Guild Master was arrested and the guild was ordered to disband themselves. However, the members ignored the order.[2] At some point in time, Eisenwald became a subordinate guild to the Oración Seis.[3]


As revenge for "locking them up in the darkness" and taking away their lives, Eisenwald tried to assassinate the Guild Masters of the nearby legal guilds while they were having their regular meeting.[4] They attempted to do so through the use of a deadly magical flute called Lullaby, which is a Demon created by the Dark Mage Zeref.[5] Their plan is thwarted by Fairy Tail's Team Natsu, and the guild is defeated.[6]


Eisenwald is a guild that specializes in assassination requests, despite this, there seem to be few Mages with notable strength within the guild. The vast majority of the members were defeated by Erza Scarlet with ease.[7][8] Eisenwald's strongest member, Erigor, specializes in the usage of Wind Magic and was able to temporarily maintain the upper hand in his fight with Natsu Dragneel.[9]


  • Note: The statuses of the guild's members are the statuses they had within the guild at the time it was disbanded, not their current status.
Name Rank Team Status
Unnamed Master Guild Master None Imprisoned
Erigor Mage None Active
Kageyama Mage None Active
Rayule Mage None Imprisoned
Karacka Mage None Active
Byard Mage None Imprisoned
Fortune Teller Mage None Active
First Twin Mage None Active
Second Twin Mage None Active
Chicken Mage None Active
Snarl Mage None Active

Battles & Events


  • "Eisenwald" is German for Iron Forest.


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