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Dwarf Gear (土精霊の輪(ドワーフギア) Dowāfu Gia) is a Legal Guild located in Fiore that competed in the X792 Grand Magic Games.[1]


Dwarf Gear participated in the X792 Grand Magic Games and made it through the elimination round. On the fourth day of the games, one of their members, Berrick, faced off against Chrisack of Dullahan Head. Though Berrick was easily dispatched by Chrisack after charging at him, thereby eliminating Dwarf Gear from the Grand Magic Games of that year.[2]


Dwarf Gear managed to pass the elimination round in the X792 Grand Magic Games,[1] though it should be noted that powerful guilds such as Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus, and Quatro Cerberus did not participate, not to mention the disbanded Fairy Tail.[3] One of their members, Berrick, had demonstrated the usage of an unnamed Magic that takes the form of transparent orbs around his hands. Whatever properties the Magic has, however, has remained unknown as he was immediately defeated before revealing it.[2]


Name Rank Team Status
Berrick Mage Team Dwarf Gear Active


  • In mythology, Dwarf refers to a race of short humanoids that are skilled in smithing, mining, and crafting.


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