Drill 'n Rock (ドリルンロック Dorirun Rokku) is a Caster Magic and variation of Spinning Magic related to spinning.


Drill 'n Rock being used

A form of Magic which allows its user to make selected parts of their body spin at high speeds; something which, as the name of the Magic itself suggests, renders such parts similar to large drills. The rotating power greatly boosts the user's melee capabilities, allowing them to either enhance blunt attacks by striking foes with spinning limbs, or to effectively "drill" them by hitting them with the still ending part of a current spinning limb, which is made more powerful because of the spinning behind it. Aside from boosted offense, the user also gains added mobility: by spinning the entirety of their body around, someone employing Drill 'n Rock can propel themselves around at high speed, even in the air. It also allows them to quickly appear next to an opponent, making it easy to deliver enhanced strikes.[1]


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