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Drasil (ドラシール Dorashīru) is the largest city of Guiltina, located on Aldoron's body.


Drasil is the largest city in the continent of Guiltina,[1] so named for being the site where Aldoron, the Wood Dragon God, has sealed his power,[2] with multiple venues as well as a large population of citizens. The city itself consists of five towns built on different points across Aldoron's body: one on each hand and shoulder, and one on the center of his back.[3] These towns are called Left Hand Town (左手の町 Hidarite no Machi), Right Hand Town (右手の町 Migite no Machi), Left Shoulder Town (左肩の町 Hidarikata no Machi), Right Shoulder Town (右肩の町 Migikata no Machi) and Back Side Town (背中の町 Senaka no Machi).[4] Aldoron also rises during a certain time every day, which causes mostly harmless tremors in the towns.[5]


Drasil is located at the center of Guiltina,[1] built upon Aldoron's body.[3]


Locations in Drasil
Left Hand Town.png
Left Hand Town
Right Hand Town.png
Right Hand Town
Left Shoulder Town.png
Left Shoulder Town
Right Shoulder Town.png
Right Shoulder Town
Back Side Town.png
Back Side Town
Locations in Left Hand Town
Left Hand Town Church.png
Left Hand Town Church
Locations in Right Hand Town
Draseel shopping district.png
Shopping District
Right Hand Residential Area.png
Right Hand Residential Area
Ring finger park.png
Ring Finger Amusement Park
Little finger lake.png
Little Finger Lake
Middle finger park.png
Right Hand Middle Finger Park
Locations in Right Shoulder Town
Right Shoulder Town Church.png
Right Shoulder Town Church
Locations in Back Side Town
Back Side Town Church.png
Back Side Town Church


  • Drasil is a combination of the words "dragon" and "seal", which is a play on words in reference to Aldoron and his created God Seeds containing his power through the use of five orbs located in every city of his body.[6]


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