The Kingdom of Dragnof (ドラグノフ王国 Doragunofu Ōkoku) was a kingdom on the continent of Ishgar in which Dragons and humans lived in harmony.


Dragnof was a country in which lived many Dragons and humans, as both races freely interacted and lived with one another in peace. Irene Belserion, known as the "Queen of Dragons," was the kingdom's queen.[1]


The kingdom was located in the eastern continent of Ishgar.[1]


The entire kingdom was surrounded by walls; on the inside of them contained numerous housing and building structures, as well as the main palace. The exterior of the palace had many tall structures with Dragon statues placed on top of them, walkways and passageways, as well trees and plants. The palace itself was a large, stone building with many unique structures and arches. The interior of the palace had a large courtyard in which Dragons and children routinely played.[1]




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