Double Scythes are a pair of Scythes owned by Kama.


In the manga, the Double Scythes has a dark-colored shaft, topped with a sharp, light colored, jagged Lozenge tip with linings. A pair of circular rings is placed on the scythe's ring, while another pair is below the first pair.[1] The grip has a design similar to a wrapped bandage where it also possesses a pair of circular rings located on its ends, and has a pointed tip.[2] The scythe's tang takes a form of a half disk, where it possesses two linings, and three circles inside it. On the side of the disks protrudes two hands with open palms. When not in use, the palms touch each other in a similar fashion to praying.[1] On the other side of the disk is where the scythe's blade rests, which looks similar to a wing of a dark-colored bat wing, with light-colored edges. There are five lines that meet towards the blade's jagged part.[3]

In the anime, it still retains most of its appearance, but received few changes; whilst the Lozenge tip retains its light-colored in its linings, the inside of the tip is now of a dark color, and the bandage-like design on the shaft is now gone. Also, the five lines that stretch towards the jagged edge of the blade have been omitted.[4] It is also capable of becoming a propeller when the scythes are merged into one, and through magical means, it can chase down its opponents.[5]


Offense | Defense

Kama attacks Natsu

Kama uses his scythes to attack Natsu

Being Kama's primary weapon, the Scythes are used to execute criminals and each scythe has its own ability; Kama can decapitate the sinner's head with the use of his right scythe, while the left one is capable of nullifying Magic.[6] The Scythes have enough destructive power that they can cut and smash through rocks effortlessly.[7]



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