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Domus Flau (ドムスフロ Domusu Furo) is an outdoor arena located within Fiore's capital city: Crocus. The X791 Grand Magic Games and the X792 Grand Magic Games were both staged in the Domus Flau.[1]


The Domus Flau is located in the western mountains of the Flower Blooming Capital, Crocus.[1] It is surrounded by mountains and trees. City buildings, including residential houses, can also be found near the Domus Flau.[2]

Exterior Design

The Domus Flau appears to be a large, round, open battle arena that looks similar to a Roman arena structure, and has no cover on the top. It has numerous arches in its walls, and a large entrance. The Domus Flau also has four gigantic statues, each holding a staff with a big circle on top, which look like Roman warriors that face inwards, surrounding the Domus Flau. Four gigantic chains can also be seen around the Domus Flau; each starting from a circular metal support in the ground around the Domus Flau, connecting to circles behind the statues, and reaching down another circular metal support in the ground.

Interior Design

The interior design of the Domus Flau also similarly looks like a Roman arena. The arena, located at the center of the Domus Flau, is large enough to contain a town.[3] There are three stages of the audiences' seats that are in circular form. The seats also have dividers with three arches in each, and four bigger dividers connected with the staves of the statues. Numerous arches can also be seen inside the Domus Flau which are just above the highest stage of the audiences' seats, and are connected with the arches outside. There are also hallways and rooms in the highest layer of the Domus Flau.[4][5]

Notable Events

The Domus Flau is the main venue for the battles and events of both X791's and X792's Grand Magic Games.[1][6]

The arena was melted by the overwhelming power of Natsu Dragneel's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic in the year X792, when he appeared to challenge the victors of that year's Grand Magic Games during the final day.[7]


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