Doll (ドール Dōru) is a member of Three Stars, which is apart of the Kingdom of Stella's army.[1]


Doll is a tall, burly, dark skinned man with green hair in dreadlocks that have stones attached to the ends. He has tribal tattoos across his chest while his attire are light blue tribal half arm sleeves as well as a matching light blue skirt with a skull upon the front. He also wears tattered black pants and gloves.[1]


Doll is a stern, non-talkative character whose loyalty is shown by how quickly he beckons the call of Animus to protect Sonya. He is shown to be very expressive of himself by flexing his muscles in manly poses while attacking his enemies with Francois Catherine in battle.[1]


Dragon Cry

Doll along with Swan and Gapri are summoned by Animus to pursue the terrorists who've recaptured the Dragon Cry staff with Zash commanding them. He arrives to encounter Team Natsu at their surprise, defeating them with them having no time to react. Later, after Team Natsu escapes the prison Doll encounters Gray who just encountered a wandering Juvia. Gapri and his magical dolls gain the upper hand with the two, even as Juvia rushes to protect a child she is struck by the fire of his weapons. Gray activates his Ice Devil Slayer Magic and cuts down Doll creating a fissure of ice on his chest. Gray is batted to a wall with Doll's weapons in pursuit, however Juvia uses Wings of Love to defeat the fire dolls. After Animus' death, Doll is seen with his comrades cooking for the civilians of Altair.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Curse Magic (呪いの魔法 Noroi no Mahō): Doll controls the cursed FranÇoise Catelyn dolls using this magic.


FranÇoise Catelyn (フランソワ・キャトリン Furansowa Kyatorin): Doll uses two dolls that are able to produce fire.[1]


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