Dog Whistle Magic is an anime-only Holder Magic involving slime.


Slime Magic

Dog Whistle Magic in use

By the use of the Microphone Staff, the user's body lets free a large amount of green sticky slime, which oozes from his clothes and quickly expands to form a large mass. The globules are described as having a mind of their own, and Earth Land Sugarboy refers to the ooze as his "Hunting Dogs". When touched, the phlegm surrounds and engulfs the person, trapping them and stopping them from being able to perform Magic. The gloop has also been shown to consume Magic, "eating" up the attacks of many Mages. The ooze has been shown to take on many shapes, such a forming a hand to pick up and throw around enemies. When the user finishes their use of this Magic, the slime has an almost reverse retreat, being sucked back into the user's clothing. After being touched by the ooze, the victim appears to become fatigued and drained of Magic Power, falling to the ground in a sleep-like manner.[1]


Sugarboy's Spells


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