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|type=[[Caster Magic]]
|type=[[Caster Magic]]
|user=[[Kageyama]]<br>[[Lyon Vastia]]<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 28, Page 18</ref><br>[[Toby Horhorta]]<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 40, Page 18</ref><br>[[Archaeological Society]]<br>[[Jean-Luc Neville]]<br>[[Coordinator]]<br>[[Kalard]]<br>[[Makarov Dreyar]]<br>[[Hiroshi]]<br>[[Geoffrey]]<br>[[Mercuphobia]]
|user=[[Kageyama]]<br>[[Lyon Vastia]]<br>[[Toby Horhorta]]<br>[[Archaeological Society]]<br>[[Jean-Luc Neville]]<br>[[Coordinator]]<br>[[Kalard]]<br>[[Makarov Dreyar]]<br>[[Hiroshi]]<br>[[Geoffrey]]<br>[[Mercphobia]]
'''Dispel''' ({{Ruby|解除魔法|ディスベル}} ''Disuperu'') is a variation of [[Caster Magic|Caster]] and [[Nullification Magic]] that causes the annulment of a spell.
'''Dispel''' ({{Ruby|解除魔法|ディスベル}} ''Disuperu'') is a [[Caster Magic]] and variation of [[Nullification Magic]] that causes the annulment of a spell.

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Dispel (解除魔法(ディスベル) Disuperu) is a Caster Magic and variation of Nullification Magic that causes the annulment of a spell.


Coordinator&#039;s Magic

Coordinator's Dispelling Magic

This Magic allows its users to remove any spell from their afflicted target.[2]



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