Devil Slayers (滅悪魔導士(デビルスレイヤー) Debiru Sureiyā) are people who use Devil Slayer Magic.


Also known as Exorcist Mages (悪魔祓いの魔導士 Akumaharai no Madōshi), Devil Slayers are people that utilize Devil Slayer Magic.[1] Like Dragon Slayers and God Slayers, Devil Slayers can also become immune to the effects of their respective element and can even eat it to replenish their strength.[2] It appears that Devil Slayers can manipulate their own body to some degree, allowing them to change the color of their irises and summon black markings across their body at will.[3][4] The markings seem to help them resist the effects of Curses (including the self-described "Ultimate Curse" Memento Mori) by turning part of the user's body into that of a Demon.[5] These Mages also have the ability to analyze the body composition of Demons by merely looking at them.[6]

Those who utilize Devil Slayer Magic are stated to gradually lose their sanity, becoming increasingly unstable and eventually going berserk. [7] This was demonstrated when Gray not only fought Natsu, but actually tried to kill his friend. [8]

Devil Slayers

Name Magic Teacher
Silver FullbusterIce Devil Slayer MagicNot said
Gray FullbusterIce Devil Slayer MagicSilver Fullbuster
BloodmanIce Devil Slayer MagicNot said


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