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Demon Blade Benizakura (妖刀紅桜(ベにざくら) Yōtō Benizakura) (also known as True Benizakura) is a Magic Item owned by Erza Scarlet.


The Demon Blade Benizakura is a magical sword, solely used for offensive properties. The sword looks very similar to a regular katana, although with some different features. The grip of the blade is composed of a long handle with a somewhat thin base, rolled up in a distinctive pattern. The back-tip of the handle is coated in gold and from it extends a short dark blue rope adorned with three relatively big red pearls. Although the sword's blade is shaped in a standardly fashion, it appears as a bit thicker than your regular katana. The sword has a tsuba handguard, red and gold in color and shaped with flower-like edges. A grayish piece of cloth is fastened and tied around the upper part of the blade.[1]


Erza transfers all of her Magic Power into the Benizakura blade

The user may utilize this sword by pouring all of their own Magic Power into it, thus greatly enhancing both the sword's overall power and brute force. To be able to do this, however, the user must discard all of their defense (armors and the likes) in order to focus their Magic Power on the blade; allowing them to unleash one, especially intense, full-powered physical assault.[2][3] It is still possible to use the sword while wearing armor.[4]


Dragon-Slaying Blade: Belserion (滅竜剣 ベルセリオン Metsuryūken: Beruserion): This ability gives the Demon Blade Benizakura an advantageous attribute against Dragons as well as possibly Dragon Slayers, being it has been enchanted with Dragon Slayer Magic.[5]



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