"The only thing I consume... are the souls of Demons."

Deliora to a messenger of Tartarus in "Demon Exorcist"

Deliora (デリオラ Deriora) is an Etherious, a Demon created by the Black Mage Zeref from the Books of Zeref,[3] who is responsible for countless acts of mass murder.[4] He is currently working for the Dark Guild Tartarus, having had his soul placed into the previously deceased body of Gray's father, Silver Fullbuster.


Deliora is a massive, dark blue, humanoid Demon. He has a large torso and two large arms that end in large, scaly hands. In addition, he has two large legs that end in feet that resemble the feet from a large bird, he also has large spikes on the back of his feet. His hair is mane-like in shape and it flows down to the nape of his neck. He has a pair of horns that point upwards, starting from a plate on his forehead. He has large pointed teeth as well as two hollow eyes.

Silver's appearance

Deliora's human form, Silver

After Deliora is saved by Tartarus, he is placed into the body of Silver Fullbuster, and takes on the appearance of a human. In his human form,[5] Deliora appears as a middle-aged man with dark hair and a stubbly beard. He has a large scar running from the top of his forehead down the left side of his face until it reaches his left ear. He wears two earrings, one on each ear, with crosses at the end of them. His attire is that of a plated chest armor with the words "ABSOLUTE ZERO" over his black top that sports fur in the neck line. He also wears a black cape, gloves and armoured shoulder pads with Tartarus' symbol on them.[6]


Deliora in Ice

Deliora encased in Iced Shell

At some point in time, Deliora was created by Zeref.[7], and roamed around the continent destroying different cities and towns. In the year X774, he entered into the Land of Isvan.[8] After destroying a few cities in the area, he travelled to Brago in the Northern Continent where he began destroying cities once more; Gray Fullbuster, who heard that the Demon was in Brago, chased after Deliora and attempted to fight him, failing due to his inexperience and Deliora's strength.[9] However, his mentor, Ur, came to his rescue, but realized that the Demon was too powerful for her to defeat,[10] deciding swiftly to use a spell called Iced Shell, which turned her body into an ice prison that sealed away Deliora.[11] Trapped, Deliora stayed in the Northern Continent, sealed in Ur's ice prison until the year X781, when Lyon Vastia and his comrades brought him from Brago to Galuna Island.[12] There, through the use of Moon Drip, they tried to unseal him.[13]


Galuna Island arc

Deliora's death

Deliora's death

Through the combined efforts of Lyon Vastia and his comrades Deliora is freed from the spell that had him bound, and lets out several loud roars that can be heard throughout the temple where he had been unsealed.[14] However, since Ur's Iced Shell had been slowly draining Deliora's life force for 10 years, moments after his revival, Deliora's Demon body crumbles to pieces and he is incapacitated.[15]

Sun Village arc

Deliora, now reanimated in the human body of Silver Fullbuster, freezes the entire Sun Village along with the Eternal Flame, which held the lingering spirit of its guardian Dragon Atlas Flame, whom he mistook to be a Demon.[16]

Later, in an unknown snowy location, Deliora stands in front of a grave when he is interrupted by a messenger informing him that he's being summoned to meet with the rest of the Nine Demon Gates members. He notices that the messenger is trembling in fear before him so he tells him to relax because he won't eat him as he only consumes souls of Demons.[17]

Tartarus arc

Nine Demon Gates

The Nine Demon Gates commence their mission

Arriving back to Tartarus' headquarters, Deliora gazes at the castle standing in front of him, expressing his utter displeasure at its architecture. Albeit, he calls it his home.[18] Shortly thereafter, he witnesses Kyouka's arrival, at the same time stating that she is looking stunning as always, with several characters clad in armor following her steps. He is approached by the demonic woman, who is shocked to see Deliora in his human form, only to have Deliora claim that his human form appeals him. As Kyouka ponders where the other two Mages of the Nine Demon Gates are located, Deliora stands by her side as they are joined by five other members of the Nine Demon Gates and are told that the other two are out on missions.[19]

As the other Demons talk among themselves, Deliora silently looks at the shrine in front of him, with Kyouka claiming that the hammers of Demons will descend upon mankind for the sake of their master: Zeref.[20]

Silver freezes Natsu

Deliora freezes Natsu

Some time later, an angry Natsu Dragneel breaks into Tartarus' headquarters destructively, earning the notice of Deliora.[21] Finding that Franmalth has engaged the intruder, Deliora orders him to carry away the unconscious Crawford Seam while he takes over the fight. Once Natsu points out the sudden drop in temperature, Deliora asks if he was the one who unfroze the Sun Village and is asked in turn if he froze it. Suddenly, Deliora starts laughing, commenting that he froze the village due to a misunderstanding. Taking notice of him, Natsu tells Deliora that his scent reminds him of someone. Upon hearing that he reminds him of Gray, Deliora instantly freezes Natsu, telling him not to utter that disgusting name.[22] Following Natsu's imprisonment, Deliora visits the Dragon Slayer's cell and hands Lisanna, a Fairy Tail Mage captured by Sayla, a piece of clothing. Natsu questions his actions, but Deliora rapidly informs him that although he cannot free them, he will not allow his little "princess" to bare the embarrassment. Walking away as he hears him question his identity, Deliora murmurs Natsu's name.[23] Later, when Mard Geer activates Alegria and Cube captures the Fairy Tail Mages, Deliora states that "they" won't meet again, addressing an unknown someone. However, at that moment, he senses a certain Magic and it turns out that Lucy Heartfilia has managed to escape the effects of Alegria.[24]

Gray and Silver's ice make contact

Deliora's ice is cancelled by Gray's

After Lucy summons the Celestial Spirit King and destroys Plutogrim, Deliora ponders the sudden quake.[25][26] After Jackal's defeat at the hands of Lucy, Deliora makes a comment regarding the disappearance of Jackal's magical presence[27] and soon appears at the sight of the battle, threatening to freeze Juvia after she intercepts Keith's attempt at Lucy's life. His ice, however, is cancelled out by Gray's own, and when he spots the young man, Deliora throws a smirk in his direction. After Tempesta and Natsu arrive as well, Deliora stands with his three other Nine Demon Gates compatriots and stares down the group of four Fairy Tail Mages standing in their way.[28] Deliora is then seemingly recognized by Gray, while Natsu states that he is the one who froze the Sun Village. Gajeel then notices Deliora's smell being similar to that of Gray, however, with a grin on his face, Deliora says no word and rushes towards Gray. While the Fairy Tail Mages are surprised, Deliora exclaims that he'll take care of Gray and the two vanish.[29]

An exhausted Gray squats on the ground as Deliora reveals that three thousand Faces will soon awaken. Consecutively, Deliora is asked if that was his reasoning behind bringing him here, the former responding negatively; explaining that he hoped to see despair on the enemy's face. Gray contradicts his statement, leading Deliora to reveal his true intentions, which relate to killing him. Gray promptly asks Deliora if he knows him, the latter responding affirmatively. Deliora can only smirk as Gray proclaims that he recognizes his face and his voice, but his identity is shrouded in mystery.[30]

Magic and Abilities

Deliora's Magic Beam

Deliora's Magic Beam

Magic Beams: In his full demonic form, Deliora is able to shoot large, powerful, lime-colored Magic beams from his mouth[31] that, upon contact with anything, cause enormous amounts of flame to erupt. The destruction caused by these beams is tremendous.[32] He attempted to shoot these beams at Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia, but they were blocked by Ur.[33]

Ice Devil Slayer Curse: Not much is known about this form of Curse, but this Devil Slayer Magic allows Deliora to produce the element of ice for various purposes.[34] He seems to be very proficient at it as he was able to single-handedly freeze the entire Sun Village, its inhabitants, and even the Eternal Flame that held the remaining spirit of the Flame Dragon Atlas Flame.[35]

Immortality: Deliora is an immortal Demon, meaning that he cannot die of old age; however, physical attacks, blows, etc., can destroy his body and render him temporarily incapacitated.[36]

Appearances in Other Media

Video Games

Fairy Tail Portable Guild

Deliora appears in his full Demon form in Fairy Tail's first official video game, Fairy Tail Portable Guild. In the game, he is one of the most powerful bosses. Like most of the game's large creatures, Deliora's size has been reduced greatly from what it is in the series.[37]

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