Deliora (デリオラ Deriora) is an evil Demon created by the Black Mage Zeref through the use of his Living Magic.[1] Deliora is responsible for countless deaths, among them the parents of Gray Fullbuster.


Deliora is a massive humanoid Demon that possesses a massive torso as well as large arms and legs. Its face is distinctively demonic, having large pointed teeth, two long horns, and hallow eyes. It appears to have hair growing on its head going down to its nape. It skin color is dark blue and also seems to have a large helmet attached to its forehead.


Deliora in Ice

Deliora incased in Iced Shell

At an unknown point in time, Deliora was created by Zeref.[2] It roamed around the continent destroying different cities and towns. In the year X774, it entered into the Land of Isvan.[3] After destroying a few cities in the area it traveled to Brago in the Northern Continent where it began destroying cities there. Gray Fullbuster, who heard that the Demon was in Brago, chased after it and attempted to fight it.[4] His mentor, Ur, came to his rescue, but realized that the Demon was too powerful for her to defeat[5] and so she froze it through the use of a spell called Iced Shell, which turned her body into an ice prison of sorts that sealed away Deliora.[6] He stayed on the Northern Continent sealed in Ur's ice prison until the year X781, when Lyon Vastia and his comrades brought Deliora from Brago to Galuna Island.[7] There, through the use of Moon Drip, they tried to unseal him.[8]


Galuna Island arc

Deliora's death

Deliora's "death"

Deliora makes his debut in the Galuna Island arc, brought there in order to be defrosted. This requires the Magical properties of the Moon Drip, a powerful kind of spell said to be able to nullify every kind of Magical effect. The moon drip was brought into action by Team Lyon, with help from other countless Deliora survivors. Ultear, masked as Zalty, also helped. After about three years of work, Deliora was finally freed, even though Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Happy and Erza fought against it. However, no one was able to challenge Deliora, as Ur's Iced Shell had been slowly but surely draining Deliora's life force. Moments after its revival, it crumbled like a stone statue, never to terrorize anyone again.

Magic and Abilities

Magic Beams: Deliora is able to shoot large, powerful Magic beams from his mouth.[9]

Appearances in Other Media

Deliora appears in Fairy Tail's first official video game, Fairy Tail Portable Guild. It is one of the most powerful bosses in the game. Like most of the game's large-sized creatures Deliora's size is greatly reduced.

Major Battles


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