Death's Head Caucus (髑髏会 Dokuro Kai) is a Dark Guild that is known for being unmatched in its number of successful assassinations.


The exact location of Death's Head Caucus is unknown.


Not much is known about Death's Head Caucus guild, but its most renowned Mages are the members of Trinity Raven, a trio of powerful Mages who specialize in assassination. They possess an infamous reputation, with Simon being perfectly aware of their existence and deeds, describing them as cold-hearted, professional killers.[1] Ikaruga who is the teams leader, effortlessly defeated Shô and proved to be a match for the S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet, seriously injuring her, breaking three of her strongest armors and almost defeating her.[2][3][4] Vidaldus Taka proved himself a match for the former S-Class Mage Juvia Lockser when he fought both her and Lucy Heartfilia, keeping the upper hand for most of the fight, taking control of Juvia and almost obtaining victory.[5] Fukuro effortlessly defeated Simon, and, through accurate planning, managed to defeat one of Fairy Tail's strongest and most promising Mages, Natsu Dragneel.[6][7]


Nothing is known about Death's Head Caucus's history except that it has been around since the Cabria War[8] and that Ikaruga has been a Mage of the guild since it was founded.[9]


Name Rank Team Status
IkarugaMageTrinity RavenUnknown
Vidaldus TakaMageTrinity RavenUnknown
FukuroMageTrinity RavenUnknown


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