"You want to change history! Can you even imagine how dangerous that might be!? You fool!"

Datong to Arcadios in "The Eclipse Plan"

Datong (ダートン Dāton) is the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Fiore.


Datong is an old hunched man that is administered as the Minister of Defense around Fiore. He has a pair of big ears, hammer shaped eyebrows, and a scar on the left side of his face. He wears a dark cap that covers most of his forehead, a light colored robe under a dark vest and a simple pair of shoes for footwear.


Due to his high position, he knows about the Eclipse plan and has greatly opposed it. He later trembles in fear and anger when he finds out that it is already complete, knowing that Arcadios will sacrifice the life of a girl to make it work.[1] He is very resolute and cautious, ready to do anything to stop any possible threat for the kingdom.[2]


Grand Magic Games arc

Discussing Eclipse Gate

Datong confronts Arcadios

During the second day of the X791 Grand Magic Games, Datong approaches Arcadios and questions him about his intentions when he tried to kidnap Lucy Heartfilia, saying that the timing is still premature. Arcadios says that he wanted to try a test run for the Eclipse plan and reveals that it is already complete. Datong is surprised with the news, and is even more surprised when Arcadios reveals that the plan is already on its fourth phase. As Arcadios turns to leave, Datong asks him if he's a demon. Arcadios replies, saying that a man can be a demon or a god for the sake of his king and country and states that the life of a single girl is a cheap price to pay for the gateway to changing the world.[3]

Datong is shocked when he learns there is another Celestial Spirit Mage in the tournament.[4]

Datong is later seen with Arcadios noting the fact the Celestial Spirit Mage isn't there. He asks if he is going to do the same thing as before to get her. Arcadios replies to him, saying that strategy failed and the best to do now would be to enjoy the rest of the festival. He also tells Datong that the plan will go into motion in 3 days, much to Datong's tension. Later, he is seen staring at a mural on the wall saying that the Grand Magic Games used to be called the Dragon King Festival.[5]


Later, Datong, accompanied by armed soldiers, appears behind Arcadios, asking him why he told "outsiders" about the Eclipse Plan. When Arcadios demands him to stop interfering, claiming that Datong is simply against the project, he angrily agrees that he is against it, shouting that changing history could lead to unforeseeable dangers and even calls Arcadios a fool. He arrests Arcadios, Yukino and Lucy, and watches as Natsu's power is drained as he explains why it happened. He tells the others that the king likes them so if they win the games, the king may give Lucy a chance.[6] On the last day of the Grand Magic Games, when Natsu does not arrive with the rest of Team Fairy Tail, Datong guesses that Natsu's Magic has not yet recovered.[7]

File:Datong Confronts Hisui.jpg

After it is revealed that Fairy Tail has defeated the Garou Knights and saved Arcadios, Datong notices Hisui's relief and tells her that she should not make that face, startling Hisui, who thought that he was with the king. Datong reveals to her that he returned because he had a bad feeling, and that he knows she used Fairy Tail to save Arcadios, as well as the fact that she was the one acting behind Arcadios all along. He then proceeds to advise Hisui to reconsider and that the world should not be changed, but Hisui disagrees and decides to tell Datong everything she knows about the Eclipse 2 Project, despite having promised to not tell anyone about it. She reveals that, if the Project does not happen, the country will be destroyed the following day.[8]

After hearing Hisui speak, Datong hastily concludes that the Grand Magic Games should be stopped at once. Hisui disagrees, stating that she is uncertain as to whether her source for the information is reliable or not; Datong states that whether trustworthy or not, peoples' lives could be in danger. Pondering further, Hisui states that the person she heard her information from claims to know the outcome of the Games, surprising Datong when she states that the result is apparently unbelievable. Datong then asks if the apocalypse future depends on the results of the Grand Magic Games, Hisui replies that she is using the outcome of the Games as a test to see if the person really can see the future, as if everything they have stated about the Games turns out to be true, so should their statement about the destruction of the country. With this, Hisui vows that she will start the Eclipse 2 Project if the Games end the way the person predicted, surprising Datong further by saying that the person claims to be from the future.[9]


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