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|romanji=''Dāku Rondo''
|romanji=''Dāku Rondo''
|parent magic=[[Darkness Magic]]<br>[[Reflector]]
|parent magic=[[Darkness Magic]]
|parent item=
|parent item=

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Dark Rondo (常闇回旋曲, ダークロンド, Dāku Rondo) is a Darkness Magic Spell.


When cast, Darkness Magic with horror-stricken faces swirl around the user's staff (or around their hands), becoming more and more condensed. Brain can then fire the gathered Magic on a wide scale (as he did against the Light Alliance) or focused at an enemy. However, this spell was stopped by Jura Neekis' Earth Magic.[1]


  • A rondo (French: rondeau; plural rondeaux) is a French music form based on recurring elements, originating from the Medieval and early Renaissance eras.


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