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Dark Guilds (闇ギルド Yami Girudo) are Guilds that are not officially recognized by the Magic Council; therefore, they are treated as criminal organizations.[1] Dark Guilds are typically disdainful of Legal Guilds, seeing that they abide the rules imposed by the Magic Council. Their belief is that the rules of the Council would only limit the full potential of Guilds, as they place too many restrictions.


There is very little information known about the hierarchy of Dark Guilds. All Dark Guilds, like Legal Guilds, are run by their respective Guild Master. Some Dark Guilds have S-Class level Mages, but it is unknown if they are referred to as such. In the Grimoire Heart Guild they have a Deputy Commander, or second-in-command, of their Guild.[2]

Naturally, Dark Guilds don’t normally receive any official Jobs and resort to alternative ways to earn their income, one example being one of its members working at a bar all while gathering information.[3]

Aside from Magic centric Guilds, there are a variety of Dark Guilds that also take on other professions, such as Assassins, Bandits and Cultists, typically occupations and jobs that are highly illegal and criminal by the Government.[4][5][6]

Guilds in general have huge influence on towns and surrounding regions. If a Dark Guild is left unchecked, they can overpower and claim a whole city as their territory and oppress its citizens. Despite ruling the area as tyrants, Dark Guilds at least provide a rudimentary economic system to the town, that even if the town is freed, its economy will fall into chaos. That is until another guild takes its place to back the town, be it a Legal Guild or another Dark Guild.[7]

It’s possible for some Dark Guilds to transition to be Legal Guilds, at least those who’ve committed no known serious crimes, so long as they abide by the Council and its laws.[8]

Guild Halls[]

Unlike Legal Guilds, most known Dark Guilds are rarely shown for having a building as their base, the few that do are shown to have an abandoned looking building located in an isolated area such as a dark forest with dead trees or a cemetery.[9][10]

Dark Guilds that lack a Guild Building such as the Oracion Seis are take up any location as a hide out while constantly on the move.[11] Others like Grimoire Heart and Tartaros however possess a mobile flying fortress, such as a Magic powered aircraft[12] or on a living creature respectively, acting as their living quarters all while being elusive.[13]

Balam Alliance[]

The Balam Alliance (バラム同盟 Baramu Dōmei) was an alliance between the three most powerful Dark Guilds in Fiore. Despite being referred to as an alliance, the three Guilds do not interact with each other at all, and their alliance is nothing more than a non-aggression pact. In X784, they controlled all Dark Guilds, with the exception of Raven Tail that acted independently.[14] As of year X792, it is officially defunct.[15]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Oración Seis An extremely powerful Dark Guild, being one of the three ruling Dark Guilds of the Balam Alliance. Though they comprised the smallest Guild ever shown, with only six members, they had many Dark Guilds under them. They made an attempt to seize Nirvana and use it to destroy the world, but they were defeated by the Allied Forces. After their fall the Guild was dissolved and all members were imprisoned. Zero Dissolved
Oración Seis Symbol
Grimoire Heart One of the three major Dark Guilds and a member of the Balam Alliance. In X784, it was the strongest Dark Guild in existence. Its members reside in a very large airship that flies over the land. Their purpose, to reawaken Zeref and create the Ultimate Magic World, led them to Tenrou Island where they found Fairy Tail's S-Class Mage Promotion Trial to be taking place. A war occurred between the two Guilds, which Fairy Tail ultimately won. Hades Dissolved
Grimiore Heart
Tartaros One of the three ruling Dark Guilds of the Balam Alliance made entirely of Demons from the Books of Zeref. For many years they've kept silent, staying completely hidden from the world, but have recently started their movement by intruding Era, massacring the entire Magic Council along with 100 others and leaving many injured. They've also assassinated most of the former Magic Council members, in their goal to unseal Face, a terrifying weapon of the Magic Council in order to wipe out all trace of Magic on the continent. The guild was virtually wiped out during the ensuing battle between it and Fairy Tail. None Dissolved

Other Dark Guilds[]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Eisenwald A Dark Guild that operated under the Oración Seis. They were supposedly disbanded by the Magic Council, but continued taking assassination missions and other illegal guild activities. Filled with spite for the Magic Council, they schemed a way to get revenge. Upon hearing of the infamous magical flute, Lullaby, they planned to kill all of the Guild Masters as they attended a regular meeting with Lullaby's death-inducing Magic. However, their plan was foiled by Team Natsu. Unknown Dissolved Unknown
Naked Mummy A small Dark Guild operating under Oración Seis specializing in Guns Magic. All of their members look like monkeys. Unknown Active
Naked Mummy mark
Death's Head Caucus Another Dark Guild is known for being unmatched in its number of successful assassinations. The only known members, the team Trinity Raven, participated in Jellal Fernandes' Heaven's Game against the Fairy Tail members. The Guild seems to be extremely powerful, as all three members shown were able to match or overpower S-Class level Mages such as Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, and Juvia Lockser; their leader Ikaruga even held the upper hand against Erza Scarlet for the majority of their battle. Unknown Active
Death Head Caucus
Dark Unicorn Another Dark Guild under Oración Seis' control. Nothing is known about them except that they all wear similar uniforms. These uniforms look a bit like school uniforms and most of them are worn in a style that is reminiscent of a high school delinquent. They also style their hair in a way that looks like the horn of a unicorn. They carry around weapons instead of using Magic. Unknown Unknown
Dark Unicorn
Harpuia A Guild that was personally lead by Racer, one of the Oración Seis. Its members were all easily defeated by Natsu while he was hunting for Jellal. They all resembled pit crew workers since they carried tools and wore helmets. Racer Unknown
Harpuia mark
Ghoul Spirit A Guild aligned to the Oración Seis that was quickly destroyed by the Thunder God Tribe. No leader was made apparent. Their Guild was located northwest of Shirotsume Town. Unknown Dissolved
Ghoul Spirit mark
Red Hood A Guild aligned to the Oración Seis that encountered Lyon, Sherry and Jura. They all wear red hoods, as the name suggests. Many members of that Guild were seen wielding staffs. As seen most of the Mages of the Guild are exceptionally good drawers and use Pict Magic like Reedus Jonah, but the difference is that they use it on paper and not in their bodies. Also they've been show to use an ability called Unison Pict which combines all of their drawings and summons together using everyone's Magic. Also another reason of using this Magic might be that some of the drawings are really strong and the users can't call them out single-handedly such as in the case of the Wyvern they summoned. Even Jura Neekis admired their drawing skills and capabilities but nonetheless defeated the Wyvern as well as all of them with minimal effort. Unknown Unknown Unknown
Succubus Eye A Dark Guild under the control of Tartaros, their job was to patrol the Sun Village and protect it from those seeking to unfreeze the Giants, among other things.[16] The former member of the Mage Guild Sabertooth, Minerva Orland, joined this Dark Guild after the end of the Grand Magic Games.[17] Unknown Dissolved
Succubus Eye Mark
Reborn Oración Seis Seven years after the disappearance of the Team Tenrou, Reborn Oraciòn Seis was created from the ashes of the original Oración Seis. The members include Midnight now as Brain II, Angel, Cobra, Racer, Jackpot (Klodoa), Grim Reaper (Erigor) and their new member Imitatia. Brain II Dissolved
Oración Seis Symbol
Blue Skull A Dark Guild that raided on Tenrou Island and killed all the Mages of Red Lizard, including its Guild Master. 98 years prior to Lucy Heartfilia's joining of Fairy Tail, they overran Magnolia Town and severely wounded the would-be founders of the aforementioned guild: Precht Gaebolg, Warrod Sequen, Yuri Dreyar and Mavis Vermillion. Geoffrey Dissolved
Blue Skull
Fire and Flame A Guiltina-based Dark Guild made up of "disciples" of the Fire Dragon God, all of whom use some variety of fire-based Magic. The Guild is also notorious for the great heinousness of its members. Ignia Active


  • The word Balam, in "Balam Alliance" is the name of a King of Hell who rules over 40 legions of demons.
  • When the Balam Alliance was introduced in the anime, numerous other Dark Guilds' names were shown, including Btenza, Mpv, Fuga, Sunny, Mercedes, Lancer, Ccc and Gloria under Oración Seis, Carol, Axe, Legend, Porsche, Century and Nexus under Tartaros and Zaxsa under Grimoire Heart as well as numerous others.[18]
  • Carbuncle, a Guild which is never given a definitive classification in its debut, is referred to as a Dark Guild in the light novel Fairy Tail 3: Trouble Twins.


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