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The Dark Dragon was an unnamed Dragon who invaded Fiore through the malfunctioning Eclipse Gate.[1]


Like most Dragons, the Dark Dragon is large in size; the upper part of its head, its back, upper portion of its tail, arms, and talons. Its underbelly and jaw, which is filled with very sharp teeth, are white and smooth, with its abdominals in particular being quite muscular. Unlike most Dragons, the Dark Dragon, rather than having claws, has extended digits and a smooth, dark patagium, making its anatomy and method of flight more akin to a bat's than an actual Dragon's; additionally, there are spikes running down from the Dark Dragon's spine and onto its tail, which in itself ends in a rippled, almost torn fashion.[2]


Grand Magic Games arc

The Dark Dragon during Future Rogue's declaration

Following the opening of the Eclipse Gate,[3] the Dark Dragon is among the seven Dragons who arrive from the past; when Future Rogue Cheney declares that he will end the current era and begin the era of Dragons, the Dark Dragon lands on a stone structure behind the Shadow Dragon Slayer and roars. It then leaves on Future Rogue's command and enters the city of Crocus, intent on killing every last Mage.[4] It then engages the members of an unknown guild and flaps its wings, destroying a large section of Crocus.[5]

After destroying its own section of Crocus, the Dark Dragon comes face-to-face with the Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel Redfox, and growls at him menacingly.[6] Then, following Ultear Milkovich's rewinding of time,[7] Gajeel sees through the Dark Dragon's original attack and strikes it before he can be struck, greatly surprising it.[8] Shortly thereafter, following the destruction of the Eclipse Gate,[9] the Dark Dragon, growling in anger, returns to its own time in a haze of light.[10]

Magic and Abilities

Flight: Very much like other Dragons, the Dark Dragon, as it has wings, is capable of flight.[11]

Immense Strength: The Dark Dragon is capable of fighting on par with, and even overpowering, Gajeel Redfox, with the latter being incapable of defeating it,[10] and was also able to destroy a rather large section of Crocus just by beating its wings.[5]

Immense Durability: The Dark Dragon is extremely durable, and is able to withstand attacks from Gajeel Redfox, who was utilizing Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, without any visible damage afterward.[12]

Battles and Events


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