Dark Écriture: Darkness (闇の文字(エクリチュール)〝暗黒〟 Yami no Ekurityūru: Ankoku) is a Dark Écriture Spell.


By writing runes on themselves, the user turns into a dark-colored, demonic creature, with horns coming out of their head and their right eye covered with scales. This spell increases the user's strength and allows them to use Darkness Magic. Freed referred to this as a forbidden spell, and only used it as a last resort.[1]

Special Features

Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Through the use of Dark Écriture: Darkness, the user is able to employ Darkness Magic.[2]

  • Darkness Breath: The user charges dark energy and molds it into the shape of a highly destructive tornado, damaging his intended target.[2]
  • Darkness Flare Bomb: The user creates a sphere-like bomb made from dark energy and charges at the enemy at close range. The bomb creates a huge wave of pressure, that throws the target away.[2]

Enhanced Strength: This form increases the user's strength exponentially, to the point where the clash between Mirajane's and Freed's own clenched fists created a shockwave which destroyed the ground below them.[3]


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