"Which way shall fate turn..."

D-6 in "Black Heart"

D-6 ((ディー)-6 Dī-6) is a member of the Black Magic cult, Avatar.


D-6 full appearance

D-6's full appearance

D-6 is tall and is covered from head to toe in black armor, which features a skull and a pair of hands with its palms facing the front printed on his chest. His face is covered by a silver mask with a single large red circle in the middle of it and filled with seven smaller black circles inside it, below the red circle there are two openings that can be seen on the nose and mouth section of the mask. He has pair of large silver masks on his shoulders that are reminiscent of an angry Demon's faces with a pair of horns and a pair of lower fangs. He also has a blue and silver armbands on each of his arms and a pair blue and silver boots on his feet.[1][2]


Not much is known about his personality other than being quiet and observant, as when he observed Gray's ambition toward obtaining E.N.D., taking notice in his comrade's declaration.[3]


Avatar arc

D-6 and Briar as Avatar members Anime

D-6 as a Zeref worshipper

During an Avatar meeting, D-6 sits at a round table with his comrades, and listens as Alok chants to them that the time of Avatar has come.[4] Later, when the members of Avatar meet to discuss the spy within their midst, D-6 along with Briar come to Gray's defense when Jerome asserts that Gray may be the spy, and D-6 listens with the rest of his comrades when Gray Fullbuster reveals that he is using Avatar to get a hold of the Book of E.N.D.[5] Later, when D-6 realizes that there are intruders in Avatar's headquarters, he rushes to their location. After Abel and Gômon's defeat by Natsu Dragneel, D-6 attempts to challenge him, but he too is swiftly defeated by the Mage.[6] Later, D-6 awaits the commencement of the purification ritual alongside his peers.[7] Not too long after the commencement, D-6 watches with his comrades as Team Natsu arrives and decimates the lesser Avatar forces. With Briar declaring that they should show the intruders their Black Magic, D-6, Abel, Briar and Mary step forward.[8] When Natsu finishes off Ikusa-Tsunagi and Alok, the members of Avatar try to flee, but D-6 tells them to stand their ground. However, he and Abel are swiftly defeated by Gajeel Redfox and Panther Lily.[9]

Magic and Abilities

Black Magic (黒魔術 Kuro Majutsu): Like his fellow members of Avatar's Mikage Branch members, D-6 possess Black Magic.[10]


  • (To himself): "Which way shall fate turn.." [11]


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