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The Cult of Zeref was an unnamed cult which is centered around the revival of Zeref.


The cult kidnapped people from numerous villages to have them aid in the construction of the Tower of Heaven.[1] After an incident, the cult's leadership changed hands to the former slave Jellal Fernandes after he was possessed by an entity introducing itself as Zeref himself and proceeded to murder the priests who were previously in charge.[2] Under Jellal's leadership the cult was primarily made up of former slaves of the cult and Trinity Raven.[3] The cult was taken down in X784 with the defeat of Jellal[4] and the destruction of the Tower of Heaven.[5]

Location and Building

The cult's base of operations was located in the Tower of Heaven.[6]


The cult's primary goal was to resurrect the legendary Black Wizard Zeref in order to attain "paradise."[7] The cult also aimed to resurrect the demon Deliora through manipulating Team Lyon and their followers in order for the creature to be used as a powerful weapon.[8] Unbeknownst to the cult however, their current incarnation was actually created to act as a distraction so that Grimoire Heart could more easily achieve their own goals.[9]


In it's initial incarnation, the cult possessed multiple divisions, guards who utilized ordinary weaponry and were backed-up by monstrous dog-like creatures as well as a Magic Division that utilized Magic Troops. The ordinary guards were overpowered by the slaves, while the Magic Division proved capable of driving them back[10] however they, in turn, were overpowered when the young Erza Scarlet unlocked her magic abilities for the first time.[11]

In its latest incarnation the ordinary members of the cult proved no match for Team Natsu and Juvia Lockser.[12] However, the members of Team Jellal proved to be tough foes for Team Natsu and defeated them in their initial encounter.[13] Their leader Jellal Fernandes is powerful enough to be recognised as one of the Ten Wizard Saints through his alter-ego Siegrain[14] while his right-hand Ultear is a member of the Magic Council.[15]


  • Note: The statuses of the cult's members are the statuses they had within the cult at the time it was disbanded, not their current status.
Name Rank Team Status
Jellal Fernandes Leader Team Jellal Active
Ultear Milkovich Member None Active
Vidaldus Taka Member Trinity Raven Active
Ikaruga Member Trinity Raven Active
Fukuro Member Trinity Raven Active
Simon Member Team Jellal Defected
Millianna Member Team Jellal Defected
Wally Buchanan Member Team Jellal Defected
Shô Member Team Jellal Defected


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