Cowbane Canyon (ドクゼリ渓谷 Dokuzeri Keikoku) is a canyon located somewhere in the Kingdom of Fiore.[1]


The exact location of the cave is unknown.

Climate and Area

Cowbane Canyon is a deep valley located in an aged, rocky plateau. Within the canyon it is damp but otherwise well-ventilated, with crevices that allow air to come through. Due to little to no sunlight available, it is not uncommon for droves of winged insects to inhabit the lowest reaches of the canyon's great caves.[1]

Notable Events

With Face set to activate due to the Dark Guild Tartaros' plans, Wendy Marvell and Carla flew to the canyon in order to halt its' activation. However, with one of the Nine Demon Gates Ezel trying to impede the young girls' progress, Wendy enters Dragon Force during their strife, annihilating the Demon while destroying the doomsday weapon in the process.[1][2]


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