"How beautiful... A doll that dances beautifully..."

Cosmos to Wendy Marvell in "Fairy Tail vs. The Executioners"

Cosmos (コスモス Kosumosu) is a member of the Garou Knights, the most powerful executioners of Fiore.



Cosmos has long and rather messy light hair, and dark eyes. Like most of the women in the series, her breasts are large and she possesses a curvaceous figure. She wears a big puffy cap on her head that is designed with a dark strip at the front with six light dots presenting a "V" pattern and a matching brim that covers her eyes. On the left side of her head, she keeps a rose in her hair.[1][2]

Cosmos wears a long coat with petal-like edges on the tails. Her coat is also adorned with dots running across the edges and is tied with a ribbon-like belt. Her chest is barely seen revealing much of her cleavage where a dark top can be seen and underneath is ruffled mini-skirt. She also seems to be wearing arm sleeves and long boots that reaches to her calves, also adorned with dots and petal-like edges. A flower bracelet can be seen on her right arm. [1][2]


Not much is known about her personality, but she has no problem executing people, viewing opponents as criminals of the Kingdom of Fiore. She also tends to say "beautiful" very often.[3]


Grand Magic Games arc

When the Fairy Tail rescue team finds Arcadios lying injured on the ground, she surrounds them with her fellow executors by coming out of a rose.[4] She then starts the assault along with Kamika, whom starts by casting Paper Blizzard: Red Dance which Cosmos follows up by summoning a flesh-eating plant to ambush Wendy after she destroyed Kamika's torrent of red papers. However, she fails to execute Wendy as her spell is terminated by Mirajane Strauss in her Satan Soul: Sitri. Pantherlily also destroys her Vines which were headed towards Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Aguria.

File:Flower Flourish.png

She then summons a large flower, after Kamika manages to bind all of them with her Paper Blizzard: Violet Dance spell, while saying it should eat the sinners. Her plan is unsuccessful yet again as Wendy cancels Kamika's spell and frees the others which leads up to Natsu Dragneel, Mirajane and Pantherlily destroying her gigantic plant and creating a large explosion.[5] The shock the explosion creates leads to everyone splitting up in different places. When Wendy calls the others asking where they are, Cosmos comes out of a flower, saying Wendy is no longer "beautiful" but "pitiful" and will be executed.[6]

Spore Bomb Rinka Renka

Cosmos unleashes her spores

Cosmos begins the battle by releasing her Spore Bomb: Rinka Renka, which bombards Wendy with numerous exploding spores. Telling Wendy her screams are pretty, Cosmos adds that she should sleep as the flowers around the young girl start to release a gas which makes her breathing difficult, causing her to cough incessantly. As Wendy tries to deal with the attack, Cosmos explains that once she falls asleep from her technique she will never awaken, telling Wendy to sleep forever as she begins growing weak from the exposure.[7]

File:FT Defeating Garou Knights.jpg

Cosmos asks Wendy if she has now fallen asleep but, much to her surprise, Cosmos' flowers are scattered around and Wendy says that her job is to provide support to her teammates, as well as fight like the Sky Dragon if it comes down to it.[8] Cosmos, along with her allies, is defeated by Fairy Tail. Natsu then threatens to show them his vanishing act if they refuse to show them the exit.[9]

Magic and Abilities

Plant Magic (プラントマジック Puranto Majikku): This Magic allows Cosmos to summon plants to be utilized during battle. Each plant can produce different effects and attacks and can appear anywhere she wishes them to.[10]

  • Flytrap: Cosmos summons a large flytrap from the ground, roughly the size of a human, consisting of four massive "petals", with a row of rounded teeth on their inner sides. This proceeds to attack the target by closing its petals on them and devouring them wholly.[11] (Unnamed)
  • Vines: Cosmos summons large flowers from the ground from where, once they open, large, thick vines come out and launch towards the target.[12] (Unnamed)
  • Grow Flow (グロウ・フロウ Gurō Furō): Cosmos summons an enormous flower above the targets. The flower then sucks everything into the hole in the middle of it.[13]
  • Spore Bomb: Rinka Renka (胞子爆弾 リンカ・レンカ Hōshi Bakudan Rinka Renka): Cosmos emits spores from around her and directs it into the target. The spores will explode upon contact, creating rapid explosions.[14]
  • Makura Kamura (マクラ・カムラ Makura Kamura): Cosmos utilizes plants that she summoned before hand to eject poisonous spores which contains a sleeping agent in each one of them. Cosmos noted that the spores will make anyone fall asleep eternally if inhaled.[15]

Battles & Events


  • (To Wendy) "How beautiful... A doll that dances beautifully... This is the skeletal flower that blooms in blood."[16]


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