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Command Magic is an anime-only Holder Magic involving manipulation.


Command Magic being used

By using the Holy Tact, a hand-shaped wand, this Magic allows its users to take over the body of only one target. Once under the user's command, the user can manipulate the target into doing whatever they want, from attacking a person or themselves with their own Magic, to walking to a certain place the user specifies. However, the spell only affects humans and few other beings while other sentient beings, like Celestial Spirits, are unaffected.[1] However, by activating a new "movement", the Command Magic increases in complexity. The second movement can remove one's magical essence, such as Mirajane's Satan Soul, which is classified as a forbidden spell, and use that essence against them. The third movement, which is a taboo to the user, allows the user of Command Magic to insert themselves into the essence taken by the second movement and control it from within.[2]


Mary's Spells


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