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Clap (クラップ Kurappu) is an Exceed who used to be from the kingdom of Extalia but now resides in Earth Land with the rest of his race.[1]


Clap is an Exceed with pale green fur, and a diamond-shaped face. He has black eyes, pointed ears, two whiskers sprouting out of each cheek and a short tail. He is commonly seen wearing a blue shirt with two yellow buttons running down the center and a pair of red shorts to complete his look.


Clap is a playful young Exceed who is usually seen playing with his friends Belletokia and Monmo, the other two members of the Kid Adventure Squad. He thoroughly enjoys flying, to the extent that he developed the ability to cast Aera while sleeping.[1] Clap was once extremely confident about the power of the Exceeds and believed that their queen would be able to win a war against the humans, but later learns otherwise after learning the truth from the Elders.


Edolas arc

Clap playing with Belletokia and Monmo

Clap resides in the kingdom of Extalia and is usually seen playing with Belletokia and Monmo.[2] One day, Extalia is visited by Wendy Marvell and another Exceed, Carla, drawing the attention of all the Exceeds, including Clap, Monmo and Belletokia. The two inform the Exceeds about the Kingdom's plan to destroy them. Clap, like the rest of the Exceeds, merely laughs at the two and begins to throw rocks at them.[3]

Clap and Monmo crying

As the Lacrima island nears Extalia, Queen Shagotte arrives and tells the truth to the Exceeds, leaving Clap and the others dumbfounded. Like the rest, Clap begins to cry after realizing that they are not being protected by the power of the God. He continues to cry as he watches Shagotte ask Carla to kill her as punishment. However, Carla refuses to kill the queen and encourages the Exceeds to fight for their home. She then flies to stop the Lacrima island and is followed by the other Exceeds, Clap included. With their combined efforts, they were able to give Mystogan enough time to send the giant Lacrima back to Earth Land.[4]

Clap being turned into Lacrima

Having successfully saved their home, the Exceeds begin to celebrate. However, their celebration is cut short when Erza Knightwalker and her army arrives and shoots Panther Lily.[5] Knightwalker's actions causes the Exceed to fly away, fearing that they will be turned into Lacrima similar to Nichiya and his guardsmen. However, Clap and Monmo fail escape the guards and are turned into Lacrima.[6]

Clap and the Exceeds apologizing

After Faust's defeat and due to Mystogan's actions, all the Lacrima-turned Exceeds revert to their true form and are sucked by the Reverse Anima to Earth Land, along with all the Magic and magical creatures of Edolas.[7] Clap and the rest of the Exceeds arrive moments before Team Natsu and inform them that everyone in Magnolia is fine. They later apologize for their actions and, after being forgiven, fly off to find the other Exceeds that were sent to Earth Land by the queen's evacuation plan.[8]

Alvarez Empire arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

Aera ((エーラ) Ēra): Clap uses the Magic ability that all Exceed have, Aera, allowing him to sprout feathery wings that grant flight while neutralizing the weight of one passenger/object.[9] He also developed the ability to use this Magic while asleep.[1]


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