The City Without Sound (音無しの町 Otonashi no Machi) is an anime-only city located in Earth Land.


The City Without Sound, a large city filled with rectangular houses, is located in a valley and surrounded by mountains. Prior to the removal of Daphne's curse, no sound can be heard from the city, due to the citizens trapped in their own Hidden spell. However, since the removal of the curse, the town reverts to its previous state.


Once a city filled with Mages, the town has now become a ghost town due to the experiments of resident Dark Mage Daphne. Daphne, who was trying to create artificial Dragons, decides to set her creations loose on the town, wanting to gather data for future research. The citizens are able to protect themselves by employing the spell, Hidden. However, Daphne uses her own Magic to make them unable to dispel it, causing them to stay hidden for many years. The disappearance of the citizens subsequently lead to the city being called as the "City Without Sound".[1]

During those years, Fairy Tail Mage and Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel stumbles into the city, looking for his foster parent, Igneel. The citizens manage to communicate with Natsu via shadows and tell him about their predicament. Natsu promises to help them by defeating Daphne, the one who controls Dragons.[1] Despite initially forgetting about his promise, Natsu later fulfills it and defeats Daphne, removing her curse over the citizens.[2]


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