Chrisack vs. Berrick is a fight fought between Dullahan Head Mage Chrisack and Dwarf Gear Mage Berrick.


In the year X792, Chapati Lola announces the fourth day of the X792 Grand Magic Games with Yajima. He then introduces the powerful Mage of Dullahan Head: Chrisack, who haven't lost a single match since the beginning, and his opponent, Dwarf Gear's Berrick in the semi-finals. He then asks his companion Yajima about his opinion of the match, he responds that it will be unmissable and might end in an instant.[1][2]


The crowd cheers loudly as the final fight of the day starts with Berrick charging at his opponent with his Lightning Magic while Chrisack readies his attack. Berrick then jumps in the air ans shoots lightning beams at the former, in which he easily avoids. Chrisask swings his arm, sending a potent wind stream, causing Berrick to spin in the air before falling down, defeated.[3][4]


After the exclusion of Dwarf Gear from the Games, following Berrick's defeat, Dullahan Head is the only participate against Scarmiglione.[5] One the final day, both teams engage in a fight, which ends rather quickly with Dullahan Head's defeat. As the Scarmiglione members celebrate their victory, they watch as a mysterious man enters the Flau, challenging them.[6]


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