Chrisack (クリサーク Kurisāku) is a Mage of Dullahan Head and one of their representatives in the X792 Grand Magic Games.


Chrisack is a lean man with a bald pate but for a large bushy ponytail which is styled to be kept vertical. He has a small mustache and an impressive beard. He dons a light blazer over a collared shirt. with a scarf hanging down his chest from the collar. He wears a dark coat over the blazer, leaving it open to reveal the front of the blazer and his scarf. The coat has short lapels and large collar whose color contrasts that of the coat. The collar is folded back to cover even his shoulders and and a portion of his upper arms and is buttoned at the upper arms. An extremely short cape covers his shoulders and falls down his back, not even reaching the middle of the back. The cuffs of his coat are quite large and light in color. He wears a pair of baggy trousers, held at the waist by a belt. His Guild symbol, a knight's helmet with a visor in an incomplete chain ring, is printed on the left leg of the pant.[1][2] The trousers are tucked into a pair of boots which reach upto his calves.[3]


Not much is known about Chrisack's personality except that he is confident in his abilities and likes to play to the crowd, typically by pointing the index finger of one hand at the sky while keeping the other at his waist and exclaiming, "Yahoo!"[1][4][3]


Avatar arc

Chrisack is a part of the team sent for the X792 Grand Magic Games by Dullahan Head. On the fourth day, he faces Berrick of Dwarf Gear in the tournament, winning with ease.[5] On the final day, his team contends against that of Scarmiglione to attain the ultimate victory, but Chrisack and his team are easily defeated by their opponents.[6]

Magic & Abilities

Chrisack using Wind Magic

Chrisack attacking with his Wind Magic

Wind Magic (風の魔法 Kaze no Mahō): Chrisack is able to use this Magic to generate and manipulate wind, able to produce it from his hands to attack and possess enough skill to easily defeat Berrick.[7]

Battles and Events


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