Chase (チェイス Cheisu) is a member of Carbuncle.


Chase's face is hidden behind a white mask with black eye holes and red lines above the eyes.

He wears a dark gray hooded cloak which is fastened just below the collar and hides most of his body. Under the lower half of his cloak, he wears gray trousers and boots.


Chase is fairly serious, focused on the task at hand and not speaking much, except when attempting to unnerve foes. Though not as prominent as his fellow Carbuncle Mages, Chase has a small hint of their pride and arrogance.[1]


Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess

Chase is present when Prince Cream gives Carbuncle the job of kidnapping Éclair and obtaining her half of the Phoenix Stone with the reward of 400,000,000 Jewel.png. Later he is at Bar Rhizome with his fellow Mages and Dyst sends him off ahead to carry out the mission.[1]

Chase attacks Lucy and Éclair

Chase tracks down his target, leading him to the city of Rose Garden where he infiltrates Hills Hotel and attacks Éclair while she is staying in a hotel room with Lucy Heartfilia. He pursues the two girls out of the room and through the alleys, throwing knives at them. As he corners them, Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster arrive to help. Taking note of Natsu's guild mark, Chase flees, fighting off the two Fairy Tail Mages as he does so. Eventually they corner him on a rooftop but he uses his Shadow Magic to escape.[1]

Chase captures Éclair

During Carbuncle's attack on Fairy Tail, Chase manages to capture Éclair while she is distracted by Dyst throwing her friends about with Telekinesis and the other Mages are preoccupied with fending off Cannon and Coordinator.[1]

As Gajeel Redfox is infiltrating Veronica via a waterway, Chase attacks him from the shadows with knives which he catches in his mouth. Merged with his shadow, he creates several other shadows on the wall to act as decoys. When Gajeel attacks one of the false shadows, Chase goes down his arm, onto his back and impales him with multiple blades. He emerges from behind Gajeel, remarking that that was too easy, but finds that Gajeel has not been harmed as much as he'd thought. Chase merges with his shadow once more and produces more decoy shadows, but Gajeel swings his arm round to attack them all, hitting Chase and slamming him into a wall, defeating him.[1]

Magic & Abilities

Chase's Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic (陰魔法 Kage Mahō): Chase uses this Magic to merge with his shadow. He can also produce shadows to act as decoys.[1]

  • Shadow Form: Chase is able to transform his body into a shadow and move around surfaces.[1] (Unnamed)


Knives: Chase has a large number of knives at his disposal.[1]

Claws: Chase also has a pair of long claws for close-quarter combat.[1]


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