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Charlotte (シャルロッテ Sharurotte) is a member of the Fairy Nail Guild.[1]


Charlotte is a young girl, with long flowing hair, with her forelocks swept to her left and kept in place with a hairpin. Being an idol she wears a pretty dress that has a plaid pattern, it is decorated with a few ribbons and a cat tail. Additionally, she has a small top hat with beads, a hairband with cat ears, and fingerless gloves with frills and heart cutouts. She overall, resembles Carla's human appearance.[1]


100 Years Quest arc

Charlotte is by her vanity stand, cuddling Bappy and calling him a good boy. Elkis and Team Natsu view this during a tour through Fairy Nail, where the former introducing her as an idol, along with her cats Bappy and Biby.[1]


  • The doll on her chair resembles Nadi.[1]


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