Titania Falls is the 99th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu was able to defeat Jellal, but he collapses from exhaustion and from eating Etherion. Unfortunately, the tower is becoming increasingly unstable for having absorbed too much Etherion. While trying to escape, Erza concludes that she has to fuse with Etherion. As she does this, Natsu wakes up and urges her not to do so but Erza insists that it is the only way to save everyone. Eventually, her fusion is complete and she gives Natsu her farewell, as the tower around them explodes.


Erza shoulders Natsu

Erza hugs Natsu

The Tower of Heaven falls apart as Gray and the others witness the incident, while being present in Juvia's Water Dome. Natsu and Erza are in the tower, seeing Jellal was defeated, lying on the ground. Erza is relieved to see that the battle she has been fighting for eight years is finally over and everyone can have their true freedom at last. Natsu collapses to the ground for being tired after his arduous fight. Erza quickly shoulders him, expressing her amaze that he managed to defeat Jellal, one of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Tower collapsing

The Tower vanishes

Suddenly the tower loses control of Etherion as it holds a huge amount of Magic and renders the tower unstable. As the Magic has nowhere to go, it will cause a great explosion and kill everyone. The group knows that they are all doomed. Inside the tower, Erza is trying to rescue Natsu who is unconscious and a dead Simon but she leaves him as she can only take Natsu with her. Then, Erza realizes that there is no escape now as they will get caught in the explosion even if they succeed in getting outside.

Erza Farewell

Erza's farewell

Erza refuses to give up as she thinks that it is her turn to save Natsu and the others. She decides to fuse with Etherion and control it so that the explosion will be prevented. Natsu regains consciousness and Erza explains to Natsu about her plans to control Etherion. Natsu refuses and says that she will die after that while pleading her to stop. Erza reveals her emotions towards Fairy Tail and her comrades besides claiming that a world without them would have been hard for her. Erza then fuses with the Lacrima hoping to save her comrades dear to her. She succeeds in controlling Etherion as the Magic inside the tower shooting straight up to the sky.

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Battles & Events

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Magic, Spell and Abilities used

Magic used

  • Water (水流(ウォーター) Wōtā)

Spells used

  • Water Dome (水流拘束(ウォータードーム) Wōtā Dōmu)

Abilities used

  • None

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