Dragon Force is the 98th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu continues to eat Etherion. At first his body doesn’t digest it, but soon, his power increases, his skin becomes scaly, and he bulks up. An image of a burning Dragon appears after him, proof that his body is absorbing Etherion. The counterattack is vicious. He punches Jellal several floors beneath, and even after Jellal activates Meteor, he is able to keep up. Jellal is at odds, and he retells his story with Zeref. He flies high, and starts activating Abyss Break, but this fails due to Erza’s earlier attacks. Natsu then flies up to him, and as he punches him, he states that no freedom can exist for someone who is possessed by a ghost. He descends, and punches him another time, ending Erza’s nightmare once and for all.


Dragon Force Awaken

Natsu enters Dragon Force

Natsu eats Etherion, shocking everyone. In the beginning, Natsu has problems with consuming Etherion's power, worrying Erza who is helpless. His opponent Jellal concludes that Natsu will perish due to his stupidity. Surprisingly, Natsu is able to digest Etherion, awakening his true power, Dragon Force and everyone one sees a burning Dragon behind him. Natsu is now in position to attack his opponent with all his might.

Jellal is surprised to see that Natsu actually absorbed Etherion and once the latter begins attacking, Jellal is unable to defend himself against the devastating blows. Natsu remembers the promise he made to the deceased Simon to protect Erza. Jellal uses Meteor, thinking Natsu will not be able to match his speed, but is proven wrong.

Natsu hits Jellal with a powerful punches. Jellal says that he cannot be defeated, he must achieve true freedom, the freedom Zeref told him about. Jellal uses the destructive Abyss Break but fails due to Erza's previous attack. Natsu says that there is no freedom for someone who is possessed by a ghost and tells him to release himself first. Natsu lands his final annihilative punches which damage the tower and defeat Jellal. Outside the tower on a boat, everyone is watching the tower take heavy damage. Erza realizes Natsu now has a Dragon Slayer's true power and with Jellal defeated, she is now free from the chains of her past.

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  • Meteor (流星(ミーティア) Mītia)
  • Abyss Break (煉獄砕破(アビスブレイク) Abisu Bureiku)

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