Meteor is the 96th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle begins. Natsu hits Jellal with his fiery attacks, but Jellal evades them, unscathed. He decides to use his Heavenly Body Magic, which amplifies his strength and speed, and even using his senses, Natsu is unable to keep up. Jellal uses his Grand Chariot attack to finish him, but Natsu survives and hits him with pebbles while getting up. Seconds before, Jellal had said to himself to stop destroying the tower with his shots, so Natsu, a master of destruction, laughs that this is his bad luck, since his guild specialty is breaking things. Now, he is all fired up, more so than ever before.


Natsu gets ready to punch Jellal

Natsu gets ready to punch Jellal

The battle between Natsu and Jellal begins, with Natsu more that ever determined to win this one to save his beloved comrade Erza, who lies unconscious. Natsu puts in all his anger, hatred and lands powerful blows on Jellal, who appears defenseless. He uses his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic; Fire Dragon's Claw,Fire Dragon's Wing Attack and his Fire Dragon's Roar, putting all he's got in his arduous fight.

Jellal in Fighting clothes

Jellal ready to fight seriously

Surprisingly, Jellal is not hurt that much and taunts Natsu, saying that if this the extent of his Dragon Slayer Magic, it is very disappointing. Now, Jellal in his fighting clothes is ready to counterattack with full force using his Heavenly Body Magic. With his Meteor spell, Jellal is able to move very quickly and Natsu cannot match his speed and hence is in a vulnerable position.

Natsu decides to destroy the tower

Natsu determined to destroy the Tower

Natsu tries to focus on his opponent's movement and says he cannot rely on his eyes but can still work with his other senses. Unfortunately, Jellal increases his speed and Natsu misses his target. Jellal uses his powerful Magic and he has the upper-hand in the battle. After using his Magic, Grand Chariot and he is surprised to see Natsu still in one piece and says he has gone a bit overboard destroying the tower and this will be a problem for him. Natsu, completely worn out, starts throwing pebbles at Jellal, not yet ready to give up. After hearing what Jellal said, Natsu decides to destroy the tower and says that property damage is Fairy Tail's specialty.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Natsu Dragneel
  2. Erza Scarlet
  3. Jellal Fernandes

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