Sleeping Beauty Warrior is the 95th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Ultear uses her Magic to destroy the council headquarters all for Jellal's dream. Meanwhile, Erza clashes with Jellal but he soon subdues her. With Erza unable to move, he starts the "ceremony" to revive Zeref. Fortunately, Natsu comes in time to save her. He knocks out Erza and challenges Jellal for her sake.


Ultear destroying the council

Ultear using Arc of Time

Ultear uses her Arc of Time to demolish the Headquarters of the Magic Council, and when Yajima notices her she reveals herself to be one of Jellal's most passionate followers, willing to give her life for Jellal’s dream.

Meanwhile, Erza is pushed back by Jellal, but she pulls out two large swords and proceeds to attack him until Bind Snake starts taking effect and immobilizes her. Jellal explains that her body, as a sacrifice, will be decomposed, then recomposed into Zeref’s body, and submerges her into a large Lacrima. He turns his back on her, claiming to have loved her. Natsu, however, sweeps in and pulls her out of the lacrima in the nick of time to save her. Erza tells him that she is unable move and Natsu takes the opportunity to tickle her. She then warns Natsu not to fight Jellal, as he will lose, but Natsu refuses to hear it.

Natsu quickly knocks Erza out so that she can remain strong and ferocious, like he knows her. He then turns to Jellal and tells him that it’s his fault that Erza is crying, shaking, and giving up, and that he will defeat Jellal, so that Erza can return to her former self.

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