One Person is the 94th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Etherion finally descends upon the Tower of Heaven, but everyone soon learns that the firing of Etherion was exactly what Jellal had planned to happen all along. Now, with the R-System complete and his Thought Projection, Siegrain, merged back into his body, Jellal's Magic Power is fully restored, allowing him to start the resurrection of Zeref.


The R-System

The Completed R-System

Etherion finally descends, engulfing the entire Tower of Heaven with light. The force of the Magic causes waves to overturn the boat boarded by the escaping Mages, though Juvia manages to save everyone by using Water Lock. However, as the light and smoke disperse, the group and the watching Magic Council members discover that the tower is still erect and now made up of Lacrima crystal, having completely absorbed Etherion rather than being destroyed by it. Inside the Lacrima tower, Jellal explains to Erza that the tower has absorbed the energy necessary to complete the R-System.

Concurrently, at Era, the members of the Magic Council are stunned by the sudden turn of events. Elder Yajima confronts Siegrain to demand an explanation for what has occurred, but the young Council member suddenly disappears.

Jellal and Siegrain

Jellal and Siegrain merge

Back at the tower, Siegrain suddenly appears, surprising Erza. Siegrain recalls his first meeting with Erza, where Erza, thinking that he was Jellal, attacked him, the blue-haired man remembering how he was able to calm her down by telling her that he was actually Jellal’s twin brother. Erza, realizing that Siegrain infiltrated the Council with the sole purpose of firing Etherion, says that she should have realized that he was helping his brother from the start. Amused, Siegrain says that he is not Jellal’s brother, but rather his Thought Projection, the two men actually being one and the same from the very start. Siegrain then merges into his original body, resulting in the restoration of Jellal's full Magic Power.

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Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

Spells used

  • Water Lock (水流拘束(ウォーターロック) Wōtā Rokku)

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  • Swordsmanship

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