Prayer to the Sacred Light is the 93rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Etherion is about to fire on the Tower of Heaven, threatening to destroy everything. Erza and Jellal fight each other, while the others are leaving the tower apart from Natsu and Simon who are still inside. Erza succeeds in pinning Jellal down, rendering him unable to move, and the two reconcile in what seem to be their last living moments. As Erza hugs Jellal in their final moments, Natsu is trying to get to Erza to save her, while a terrifying smile appears on Jellal's face.


Erza pins Jellal manga

Erza pins Jellal to the ground

With seven minutes left until Etherion is fired, Erza fights Jellal, who is amused by her perseverance, and finally cages her with the use of his dark Magic. However, Erza blasts out of the cage and knocks Jellal down. Erza tells a shocked Jellal that he still lacks Magic Power to perform the sacrifice even though he managed to complete the construction, since the kind of spell he is trying to pull off is one needing a large amount of Magic, so large in fact that a whole continent full of Mages would not be enough to fulfill.

Etherion prepared to fire

Etherion, ready to fire

Erza reveals that since she is unwilling to kill Jellal, she intends to hold her sword up until the last moment, but Jellal coldly replies that she can say anything she wants, as her words will not reach him since he is possessed by Zeref's spirit and he is just a puppet. He then claims that everything was over before it even began and that there is no freedom anywhere.

Erza hugs Jellal (manga)

Erza hugs Jellal

Meanwhile, the Etherion is ready to be fired. Everyone lowers their heads to pray to the light, and the countdown begins. Back in the tower, Jellal claims that Erza is the one to win, since he is but a broken engine Zeref wouldn't let go of, even though the tower was incomplete. Erza lets Jellal go, pitying him, and prepares herself to be hit by Etherion. They both declare themselves sacrifices, Erza because she couldn't save Jellal, and Jellal because he gave in to his weaknesses. In their final moments before the collision, they hug, ready to die together, and Etherion is finally released. In the boat, Happy and the rest of Erza’s friends cry, while Natsu keeps climbing the Tower. The moment before Etherion hits, an evil smirk forms on Jellal's face.

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