Destiny is the ninety-second chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Full Summary

In the final clash, Erza’s arm gets slashed twice, and her enemy tells her that she has lost. But then, Ikaruga realizes she got slashed too. Blood comes out her heavy wound and she falls to the ground, most likely dead. Her last words tell Shô that there are 15 minutes until the Etherion hits the tower. Erza tells Shô to get everybody else out the tower, claiming that she will fight Jellal and end this.

Meanwhile, Simon and Natsu are climbing the stairs leading to Jellal. Simon explains what has happened with Fukuro, and about the others heading to safety. Simon, then, tells Natsu that he must help Erza, but he refuses.

In the meantime, Erza has reached Jellal with only 10 minutes left. He seems calm, even though he is very much aware on the imminent collision. Erza’s final hope is to keep Jellal back for as long as it takes, but, Jellal brushes her off, claiming that it is her destiny to be used as Zeref’s sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Natsu starts arguing with Simon. Simon wants him to go and help Erza, but Natsu refuses, saying that she needs to conquer her own demons. Simon continues by saying that Erza will not beat Jellal, as she wants to save him, and Jellal will try to use it against her. He voices his concerns of Erza’s kamikaze plans, and Natsu, at this point furious, demands to be brought to her.


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