Ikaruga is the 90th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray has defeated Fukuro and is worn out. In the meantime, the Magic Council is preparing to fire Etherion on the Tower of Heaven. Yajima eavesdrops over Ultear and Siegrain's conversation, having doubts about them. As Shô runs to Jellal's room with Erza trapped in his Magic card, he encounters a Trinity Raven member, Ikaruga. Ikaruga attacks Erza, trapped in Shô's card, thus allowing her to escape. As the two are about to fight, Ikaruga easily destroys Erza's Heart Kreuz Armor, which startles her.


Gray after his fight with Fukuro

Gray, worn out

Gray defeats Fukuro with his powerful spell; Simon is amazed, as Gray is far more powerful than his information indicated, even capable of taking on a Trinity Raven member. Natsu is now free from Fukuro's stomach and is unconscious. Simon says that Erza has joined a wonderful guild.

In the mean time, the Magic Council prepares to fire Etherion. The technicians are working on it, while bystanders watch with awed eyes. The Council members are arguing on the ethics of this decision, and, even though it is justified by law, they still feel unsure. Not far from them, Siegrain and Ultear are discussing Siegrain's dream, which is left unknown, while Siegrain feels shaky. Behind their backs, Magic Council member Yajima is listening to every word.

Meanwhile, Shô, with Erza trapped inside the card, is running towards Jellal. He enters a room and finds himself face to face with Ikaruga. He wants to get it over quickly and attacks, but Ikaruga cuts his card projectiles in half and easily defeats Shô in two slashes. Erza demands to be let out, but Shô insists that she is safe where she is. However, Ikaruga's blows can cut through the spatial barrier, and by doing so, allows Erza to free herself. Shô watches in amazement at Erza's grasping of the situation, when suddenly her armor crumbles and breaks.

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