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Armor Around a Heart is the 89th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray recalls the day Erza was inducted into Fairy Tail. Back in the present, Gray is having a hard time against Fukuro, who can utilize Natsu's fire Magic to attack. Thinking of Erza's current condition, Gray remembers constantly losing to Erza as a child and how, one day when Erza was sitting alone, he saw her crying. Gray defeats Fukuro with his powerful move, Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance and declares that Erza has to be in Fairy Tail so that she will never cry again.


Gray remembers the day when Erza arrives at Fairy Tail is shown. Cana is reading Gray’s future in her cards and she says this will be a lucky day for him. Gray wonders what could be lucky about the day since he fell into a ditch and lost his wallet afterwards. At that moment, Erza comes in, with everyone commenting on her weird looks.

Fukuro uses Fire Dragon's Roar

In the present, Gray catches up to Happy. Happy explains that Natsu was eaten by Fukuro. Gray says they need to beat Fukuro quickly, because, as, even though no one can beat Erza, she is still trapped in a card by Shô, rendering her defenseless. He attacks Fukuro, but The Owl uses Natsu's fire against him. His ice is melted, and remembers Erza eating alone. Gray wonders why, and goes to Erza to talk. When she doesn't respond, he kicks the table, and asks her why she is always wearing armor since this is a Mage's Guild. She responds by asking him why he isn't wearing something himself and if this is a guild for perverts.

Back in the fight, Gray freezes the flames, inquiring if there are Natsu’s real flames. Fukuro tries to eat him, but he freezes his mouth.

A young Erza cries

He remembers once more his defeat at the hands of Erza, with everyone saying that the guild is in strong hands because of her. Furious, he catches up to her, and sees her crying. When he asks why she is alone, she says she is comfortable alone, and then he asks why she is crying. Erza doesn't answer, so Gray sits by her side, unwilling to fight her or leave her.

Gray uses his finishing move, Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance to beat Fukuro. He beats him and Fukuro vomits Natsu. He says she was always alone, always crying. He says that Erza needs to be in Fairy Tail, so she wouldn't cry any more.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Cana Alberona (flashback)
  2. Wakaba Mine (flashback)
  3. Macao Conbolt (flashback)
  4. Erza Scarlet (flashback)
  5. Gray Fullbuster
  6. Fukuro
  7. Simon
  8. Happy
  9. Reedus Jonah (flashback)

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