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Natsu Becomes a Meal is the 88th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Lucy and Juvia are now friends, and Juvia cries saying it is the first time a girl has been so kind to her. At the Magic Council, Siegrain reveals that Jellal is going to use the Tower of Heaven to revive the dangerous dark Mage Zeref. The arduous battle between Natsu and Fukuro continues. Natsu scarf gets stuck in one of the missiles launched by Fukuro and his motion sickness is automatically activated. After a trip on the missile, Natsu gets completely sick and is eaten by Fukuro, allowing him to use Natsu's Magic. Back in Era, after hearing the real purpose of Jellal, the votes shift to 8-1, with only Yajima not to be in favor of firing Etherion. Back in the throne room, Jellal says now they have limited time before the light will rain down.


Juvia cries

Aquarius tells Lucy to not summon for two weeks as she is going on a trip with her boyfriend. Lucy accepts Juvia as a friend and nakama. Juvia says it is the first time a woman has treated her kindly and “rain falls from her eyes”. Tired, they both lie down to replenish their strength. In his throne room, Jellal is amazed by the Unison Raid, and thinks that from now on, the game will be more interesting. The Council continues their meeting. As it is, there are 4 votes for and 5 against the use of Etherion. Cornered, Siegrain is forced to tell everyone who Jellal is trying to revive. It is the Black Mage Zeref, History’s most powerful and evil Mage.

Natsu is bested by Fukuro's wit

Meanwhile, Natsu and Fukuro continue their fight. Even with Natsu strength, he is outmatched by Fukuro’s speed, and Fukuro plays with that, and with Natsu’s Motion Sickness. He releases a missile with hands which makes Natsu travel in circles (key word being travel). Natsu gets sick, and he is devoured by Fukuro, who eats people to use their Magic. Happy attacks Fukuro, but using Natsu fire’s techniques, he is easily overpowered.

Yajima angrily glares at Siegrain

Meanwhile, the council finishes their meeting. Because of the new information, the votes have shifted from 4-5 to 8-1. Etherion is to be fired in an hour. Elder Yajima, the only one who opposed Etherion, asks Siegrain if he will take responsibility of the event. Siegrain confirms this, and the elder yells if he will take responsibility of the lives lost, Siegrain says that he’ll have the answer soon enough. In his room, Jellal asks what will “you” do, referring to Erza. He knows that Etherion will be fired, or as he refers to it, “Light will rain down”.

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